best petite pornstars
There are dozens if not hundreds of different categories on almost any porn site you decide to visit. While it’s great to have such a vast choice, it’s also a burden because it’s quite hard to decide which category would be a good start. If you’re torn between these choices, visiting the petite porn stars category might be a good choice. If you’ve ever fantasized of fucking a petite babe with a super-tight pussy, check
best Latina pornstars
If you’re an avid connoisseur of super-hot porn material, then you probably have a few favorite top Latina pornstars in your collection. It’s widely known that these babes rarely take no for an answer, and on top of that, the vast majority of Latina pornstars know exactly how to hit the viewer’s sweet spot. In case you’re looking for some new material and are struggling to find a model who’s worthy of your time, take
how common is a foot fetish
The vast majority of human beings have some kind of fetish. Whether it’s a mild type like kinky cosplays or perhaps a more extreme type like BDSM, it’s pretty clear that most of us need some kind of a push in order to become super-horny. Feet have been a puzzling fetish for many scientists in the past couple of decades. Many of them have tried to crack the code and find the answer to the
Couple in the water
Whether you’re an adventurist or completely vanilla, having sex outdoors is usually an idea that’s going to linger over your head sooner or later. Many people think they are sufficiently prepared for that particular adventure, but there’s much more to it than meets the eye. If you’re struggling to come up with good outdoor sex ideas, take a moment and check out our list of tips and tricks. You might find some good advice, and
how to watch porn at work
While there is a stigma attached to the idea of watching porn at work, there’s nothing inherently wrong about it. Now, that doesn’t mean you should waste valuable time watching porn at work when you can do something more productive, but there will be times when you’ll have a couple of minutes to spare. If you’re an avid watcher of XXX videos and are looking for ways to avoid getting caught, take a moment to
NSFW social media alternative to tumblr
Tumblr has announced that they are banning any NSFW content as of December 17, in order to, as they say, make a better and more positive space. While it is really up for debate whether eliminating NSFW content is a step in the right direction, it is de facto happening. This unfortunate decision to ban NSFW content raises a very important question – what is the best Tumblr alternative? There are a couple of platforms