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Angelina Valentine fuck toys

angelina_valentine_black_wig 11

Don’t I look pretty…just like your own real doll? I want you to use me and abuse me, baby. Treat me like your personal whore. Throw me down, rip my slutty outfit off and fuck me hard! After you pound my little fuck hole, just shove that big dick of yours directly up my chocolate starfish and blast your cum deep inside me! Oh, well fuck me. I got a little carried away there with my own fantasies. Opps!

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That tends to happen sometimes…I hope you don’t mind. But look at the bright side – you get to watch me get my pussy impaled by a fucking machine while your jerk that shrimp of what you call a dick.

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I told you I wanted it up my ass. Since you’re not here to help, I shoved one of my butt plugs directly up my booty hole. Nothing gets my pussy wetter than being fucked in my ass!

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You want to cum where? Inside my pussy? I don’t think so hunny. I want you to cum deep in my ass, and watch me squeeze it out and onto the floor. Then, I want you to lick it up. Every last drop of it! Are you willing to do that for me or am I going to have to squat my twat on your face and make you lick my clit until I squirt?

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We will use a few pictures of Angelina Valentine to keep your interest while we make the following announcement…

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Some of my favorite Angelina Valentine Pics

You can say what you want about pornstar Angelina Valentine, she is a nasty girl, but she takes some damn fine photographs. Want proof? Check out some of these great photos from our Angelina Valentine Gallery. Yes, it’s true Angelina is one of the baddest, most nasty chicks in porn, but she is hella’ photogennic…

See what I’m saying now? If she wasn’t such a nasty bitch in porn she could have been a supermodel.

I ain’t mad at her.

All of the photos were from Angelina Valentine’s Official Site

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Angelina Valentine Bottle Service: I am here at my favorite hang…

Angelina Valentine Bottle Service: I am here at my favorite hang out with a bottle in one hand and glass in the other. If you think I am just going to sit here and drink your wrong, I have more nasty plans for this bottle. Watch as I get my ass, tits and legs wet. Then watch as I shove this bottle into my cunt hole, then watch the end when I squirt all over. I never was a very good drinker, and look I got it all… READ MORE»>

Angelina Valentine Bottle Service

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New Angelina Valentine Anal – I know you all are probably…

New Angelina Valentine Anal – I know you all are probably wondering where the fuck I have been well it does not really matter I am here now, lol. Do you like this uniform I have on, I bet you do you sicko. I have a special rubber toy today, its the first time I have every used it. I am going to use it on my asshole for you. So sit back and watch as I get on this bed and do things to myself, dirty nasty fucking… READ MORE»>

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I’m here today with Angelina Valentine and we are being…

I’m here today with Angelina Valentine and we are being mean sexy bitches to each other. Look at how we suck each others big fucking tits, look at the hot lipstick mark she leaves on my tits. Now its time for my asshole, watch as Angelina licks my tight Russian pornstar asshole. Now its time for Angelina’s asshole, oh so nasty. But it does not stop there, later on in the scene I blind fold Angelina and invite big cock Billy Glide into fuck us both. Sit back and watch as he drives his huge fat cock into our mouths and pussy more…

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About Angelina Valentine’s Twitter

angelina valentine tells twitter to fuck off
A brief and truthful history of Angelina Valentine on Twitter (pictured above)

As webmaster and administrator of the Pornstar Platinum twitter account. I get a lot of tweets asking if Angelina Valentine is still on Twitter.

If you are confused, I can’t say I blame you, so I will try to lay it out as best as I can for you. Let me first start by saying that this is Angelina Valentine’s twitter as of today (3/12/2013), it is @angelinavalen11. She is not quite as active as she was a few years back, but I know 100% it is not  a fake account, that’s really her.  For all I know: she may just be having a fan update it, as the posts are somewhat infrequent, but I do know for a fact this is her “official” account.

xxx pornstar

Now lets get to some of the confusion… it had racked up over 100k followers, before she just Angelina just went silent on Twitter in 2011. Her explanation to me was “she was tired of all of the creepy porn stalkers” (like you’d expect anything else).

She then returned as only to rack up about 4000 followers and 440 tweets and then go radio silent again in 2012, before she dropped off for similar reason as she had in 2012.

Why Angelina Valentine does some of the things she does I’ll never know. For fans of the one of the greatest XXX Pornstars of our generation, I know this can be a little confusing, but having a bit of insider knowledge, I figured I would share that with you guys.

That’s all for tonight.

I hope this blog has been useful, and make no doubt her official homepage is exactly the same as her name

All other twitter accounts be damned, they are fakes.

I hope this helped..