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Ava Devine takes Prince’s BBC up her tight ass

ava_devine_prince_yahshua_yellow_lingerie 4

This is no April fools joke, boys. I’m back with the one and only big black cocked Prince Yahshua and I’m ready to get my ass impaled! I hope you’re excited for this set as much as I was. I wore my fishnets for Prince just like he enjoys. As soon as I saw him waiting there with his cock out, I had to get to work.

ava_devine_prince_yahshua_yellow_lingerie 35

There’s one thing about Prince that I just absolutely love – it doesn’t take long for that meaty schlong to get rock hard and ready to pound each and everyone of my orifices.

ava_devine_prince_yahshua_yellow_lingerie 51

It wasn’t long before I was on top of him and riding him like a filthy little cowgirl. That cock fills up my pussy like no other and pounds my vaginal walls like no white boy could…well, most. Hehe.

ava_devine_prince_yahshua_yellow_lingerie 73

…and this is what you’ve all been waiting for, right? Prince laid me down on the chair, had me grab my leg and began penetrating my tight little booty hole with that big ass dick! I spread my pussy lips and played with my clit while he fucked my ass deep. I was going to cum buckets today!
ava_devine_prince_yahshua_yellow_lingerie 110

One last naughty picture of Prince shoving his meaty black cock deep in my rectum for you boys! If you enjoyed these previews, you’ll love seeing the full HD video of our hardcore anal fucking and you will really enjoy seeing where he finishes. I’ll give you a hint — it’s not in my ass!


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Prince gets to nail Ava Devine and Brittany Jade

ava_devine_brittany_jade_prince_yahshua 45

Yo, I’m back again today with two more fine ass hunnies – Sexy, big tit MILF Ava Devine and hot little bodied teen Brittany Jade. Do I have the life or what? I get to penetrate some of the finest asses in the industry and film each and every hardcore-fucking-moment of it! I hope you all enjoy watching me pound these ladies as much as I enjoy getting my rocks off. Anyway, sit back, relax and enjoy the show I have for you all today.

ava_devine_brittany_jade_prince_yahshua 48

Brittany Jade is surely not afraid to spread those legs as you can see. Ava dove right on down and into her pussy with that insane tongue of hers. She lapped up every drop of pussy juice on those meaty pussy lips and had her whole body twitching like no man could ever do.

ava_devine_brittany_jade_prince_yahshua 55

…and here I am! I’ve got two beautiful ladies grasping a hold of my throbbing black cock and gently licking the head. It takes a lot of will power not to just spray my love juice all over these two at this exact moment. That’s how fucking hot it was. It’s like they were fighting at who got the first chance to suck me off. I love it!

ava_devine_brittany_jade_prince_yahshua 62

Of course I had to pound away at Ava Devine’s snatch first. The older the berry, the sweeter the juice they say, right? Not always, but experience is always trumps a tight teen hole – I can tell you that. Ava can work that ass like no other. Don’t get me wrong, I love a hot teen pussy, but they just cant work my big ass dick like an older woman can.

ava_devine_brittany_jade_prince_yahshua 86

Brittany Jade tried to prove me wrong and rode my dick up on the couch while Ava sucked on my balls, but there was no comparison. I’d give her a 7 as opposed to Ava at a whopping 9. I have to say though, that ass on Brittany is fucking hot. Just take a look at my cock stretching that little pussy apart!

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Ava Devine Hot and Horny Orgy Time

ava_devine_porno_dan_lea_tristin 18

Holy fuck…you know when you get Tristin Berrimore, Lea, Porno Dan, Prince Yahshua and myself together there is going to be trouble. But the good kind of trouble as you will soon see. We all know each other pretty well, so that makes it just that much more fun and makes us more comfortable around each other. Well, tonight, one thing lead to another and before you know it, we were having one big orgy! Check out some of the pictures below.

ava_devine_porno_dan_lea_tristin 23

Porno Dan is one lucky son of a bitch. He’s got all three of us giving him 100% of our attention while one of us sat on his face, and the other two licked that little cock of his. I don’t think he understands how many men would love to be in his position.

ava_devine_porno_dan_lea_tristin 51

Since Porno Dan couldn’t really please any of us, we broke our the vibrators and magic Hitachi wnads and began fucking ourselves. Those Hitachi wands are truly something else. No other sex toy comes close to giving you the orgasm that these will. If you join my site, you can watch the full video and listen to all of us screaming as we torture ourselves until we cream!

ava_devine_porno_dan_lea_tristin 58

We didn’t stop there. We broke out the  one and only Sybian. I’m sure you’ve heard of this beast of nature and just how powerful it is. You may have even heard about it on the Howard Stern show as he likes to use it with his guests. It’s like riding a insanely powerful vibrating bull that will give you orgasm after orgasm.

ava_devine_porno_dan_lea_tristin 89

Everyone had a cock in their mouth. Lucky me got to suck Prince Yahshua’s big, meaty black cock. I love that beast. I’d marry him just to have access to that cock any time I damn well pleased!

ava_devine_porno_dan_lea_tristin 98

Here’s one last shot of Lea getting that tight little white pussy of hers stretched by a BBC. Little white girls seem to flock to black cock like flies on shit. I guess what they say is true – once you go black, you never go back. Or is it once you go black, you’ll need a wheelchair?

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Ava Devine in Maid Revenge with Zeb Atlas

ava_devine_zeb_atlas 1

Who doesn’t fantasize about a sexy maid prancing around in their home wearing a sexy maid outfit like this? No one! I was feeling extremely frisky today and just couldn’t wait for someone to come in and rip my sexy maid outfit off and fuck me hard. Hornball you say? Fuck yes I say! I love cock in any shape or form, as long as it’s filling my fuck holes!

ava_devine_zeb_atlas 10

Is this a little more enticing to you? A nice little peek at my freshly trimmed up pussy? I’d just love to have your tongue slurping up my juices as you shove those fingers deep inside me. Fuck, I’m so horny!

ava_devine_zeb_atlas 12

Come on baby…get over here and just slam your dick in either hole and fuck me hard! Don’t tease me, just please me and I’ll make sure you’re spurting that gooey cum load anywhere your little heart desires!

ava_devine_zeb_atlas 36

Oh, look what we have here…a fat ass cock that’s already hard and ready to go! You see how quick I dropped to my knees and shoved that fucking dick in my mouth? That’s exactly how it goes. I told you that I LOVE cock!

ava_devine_zeb_atlas 49

I love it even more when there’s a tongue deep in my asshole! He bent me over with such passion, spread my ass cheeks and just dove right in. Not many men are down with licking some chocolate starfish!

ava_devine_zeb_atlas 57

Just for being such a naughty boy, I let him shove that meaty cock right into my bum. Don’t I look just as happy as a kid in a candy store? His dick felt amazing as it was stretching my intestines! You should see what happens next…like me eating his ass. But you’ll have to join my site to see all the ooey-gooey gushy stuff!

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Ava Devine and Sara Jay at it again

ava_devine_sara_jay_bedroom 3

Yeah, that’s right…My girl Sara Jay and I are back again and ready to get naughty! I made sure I wore one of my sexiest outfits for her too. What do you guys think? If you didn’t already know, I love this babe. She knows how to please me better than anyone else out there. Think you can do better? Let me show you just how well Sara can eat my snatch.

ava_devine_sara_jay_bedroom 33

God…I just want to squat my twat on her face and let her eat me for hours while I have orgasm after orgasm! Wouldn’t you love this phat ass sitting on your face? I could cover you in my pussy juices, leaving you tasting me for days! Sound yummy? Oh, it is!

ava_devine_sara_jay_bedroom 66

If that fact that she can eat my pussy like no other isn’t enough to get me humming, just look at her tight ass body!! I want to peel her g-string off with my teeth and bury my face in her muff until she screams and soaks my face. I’m already getting wet and horny! Wrap those long legs around my neck, Sara Jay. I’m ready to make your whole body twitch!

ava_devine_sara_jay_bedroom 98

Sara surely didn’t waste any time in getting to the naughty action. She bent me over the bed as soon as got into the bedroom and began spreading my ass cheeks for a peek at my pussy which was already soaked!

ava_devine_sara_jay_bedroom 103

There is no acting here, boys. This is completely real, unedited and fantastic muff diving action! My legs are quivering with each lick of my clit and I couldn’t keep my moans in if I had a ball gag shoved in my mouth. Talk about making your toes curl!

ava_devine_sara_jay_bedroom 112There is no way Sara Jay was getting out of here without sitting my face and me returning the favor. Her pussy juices tastes like a perfectly sweet, ripe strawberry. How can you not enjoy that?! I even sucked on her juicy pussy lips like a lollipop while she arched her back and moaned loudly.

ava_devine_sara_jay_bedroom 136

We just got crazier and crazier as our time together progressed. I fucked myself in the ass with a big vibrator as she toyed my throbbing clit with another vibrator. I had already came once from her tongue and I was about to cum again! Want to see us in full HD action? Then visit my site and you can access all of my videos and photos. You won’t be disappointed baby!

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