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Imani Rose sucks Prince Yahshua at a glory hole


I love all women. It don’t matter their color, shape or whatever. I’ll still stick my dick in ’em. Know what I’m sayin? I would never turn down pussy and you shouldn’t either. Today I got the chance to face fuck Imani Rose’s pretty little mouth through a glory hole and wow, this ebony hottie could easily suck a golf ball through a garden hose!


You cant tell me you wouldn’t stick your dick in that phat ass black booty! Just look at her pussy lips eating up that thong. It’s like watching an obese family at a buffet chow down. Hahah! I might even let Imani rose sit on my face and lick her booty hole a little.


Yeah, you know this big ass black dick is the key to turning on the faucet of juices with any pussy I come near (giggity!). as soon as I stuck my dick through this glory hole, Imani pulled her panties to the side and began touching herself. Isn’t it magical?


They say big girls give good head because they’re hungry, but I beg to differ. It’s all in the passion and Imani definitely has that! Work that tongue baby girl and make me spurt. I’m sure it wont be long with lips like that and suction like a Dyson vacuum!


This blowjob from Imani Rose was straight up amazing. She had my dick rock mother-fucking hard and had me cumming within a few minutes…literally! She got my dick sloppy wet and even hummed while she sucked. What you know about that?! I just wished she would have bent that sweet ass over and against the wall so I could have creampied her pussy. Maybe next time!

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Faustine Lee fucks her one and only customer

psp_faustine_lee_ralph_long14It was an extremely slow day today at the diner and I only had ONE damn customer which completely sucks because I my rent is due! Well…lucky for me, I had someone come in and save the day. As I was bringing him his order, I caught him grabbing his cock through his pants while staring at me. I guess he likes my outfit!


You could see the bulge through his pants, and it looked pretty big. I just had to see for myself! I’ve got to work for those tips, right? Once I touched his cock through his jeans, I could tell it was a monster and couldn’t wait to play with it. -wink wink-

psp_faustine_lee_ralph_long32I think I was just as shocked as he was as I grasped his cock in my hand and slowly began to jerk him off. He must have been thinking about me and my big tits as I was putting his order in and started touching himself to get this beast hard.


I could barely fit his cock in my mouth, but I gave it all I had and got about halfway down his shaft before I began to gag!


I fucking love a man who takes control of the situation, and he did just that. He picked me up and put me onto the table, lifted my legs up, moved my panties to the side and began licking my pussy like a dehydrated dog in the middle of summer! I wasn’t expecting to have my pussy licked at work, but I’m sure glad I shaved before hand!


It wasn’t long before he penetrated my wet pussy. As you can see, my clit was insanely swollen already from him just licking away! I cant even begin to explain just how good it felt as he fucked me harder and harder.


As I mentioned before, I love a man who takes control, but once in a blue moon I like to be the one in control. I sat him down in the chair, climbed on top and began riding that meaty cock of his while shoving my big tits in his face! I hope he can breath 😉 He went on to bend me over and pound me from behind before he finished on my face to the grand finale, but you’re going to have to join to see that part…which I hope you do!

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Ava Devine fucks her hung black fan

ava_devine_porno_dan_interracial_hardcore 1So, this goofy son-of-a-bitch Porno Dan comes to me and tells me that he has one of my ultimate fans here and he wants to lay the pipe. Lucky for Dan and this fan, I was already horny as a drunk college coed, so I said sure. I had no idea who he had lined up and figured it was another guy with a tiny cock like his.

ava_devine_porno_dan_interracial_hardcore 5

This wasn’t the longest dick I’ve ever seen, but I have to admit that it as pretty thick! And if you know anything about me, you know that I absolutely love big, black cocks. Once he unleashed his monster, I couldn’t help but to instantly wrap my lips around it.

ava_devine_porno_dan_interracial_hardcore 19

It wasn’t long before that big ass black dick was filling up my fuck hole. He took control and had me submitting to his every move. That dick was mesmerizing to say the least.

ava_devine_porno_dan_interracial_hardcore 21

It was so damn mesmerizing, I wanted him to fuck me in my ass! That’s right…I had a big black dick pounding my tight little asshole and stretching it wide open to the point of gaping. It took some getting used to, but it felt great!

ava_devine_porno_dan_interracial_hardcore 47

There was a few times where I thought he was tearing my asshole apart! His cock was so big and so filling that I decided to take control and ride him as he pounded my anal cavity.

ava_devine_porno_dan_interracial_hardcore 119

While my ass was being pounded, I grabbed my Hitachi wand and placed it right against my clit. My clit was already swollen from being so excited, this just made his ass fucking feel a hundred times better. Once I came, I let him take back over and fuck me like a little whore.

ava_devine_porno_dan_interracial_hardcore 151

I didn’t want his jizz going to waste, so right before he was about to cum I had him face fuck me! I wanted to swallow every last drop of his man-goo. I bet I made this fan one of the happiest men in the world tonight. Let’s hope he keeps in touch and stops by again. I wouldn’t mind fucking that black anaconda again! 🙂

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Veronica Avluv facialized in a blow bang

veronica_avluv_blow_bang 9

How was your New Years Eve? I hope you had just as much fun as I did! I got to do a blow bang with a bunch of hot, young studs who eventually covered my face in their man cream! Who wouldn’t want to spray their cum on the one and only Veronica Avluv’s face?

veronica_avluv_blow_bang 32
Do you think I’ll have any issues keeping these gentleman hard as a rock so they can all face fuck me? I sure hope not. These guys better be spurting out jizz like Old Faithful!

veronica_avluv_blow_bang 75
Look at that pussy…just look at it! It wants to be penetrated by a fat dick and pounded hard! Can you make that happen? I want you fucking me like you were running a marathon for the Olympics! There are no breaks here. Fuck up and get spanked. Got it?

veronica_avluv_blow_bang 141
Enough pussy footing around. I want cock and I want it now! FEED ME THE COCK! Looks like I’ve got some hung guys here too. Yummy!!! See who can choke me first. 😉

veronica_avluv_blow_bang 146

I have to say that I was a bit intimidated by this monstrous, peppy fucking cock just in my peripheral vision. I think they may have modeled dildos off of cocks like his! This cock in my mouth isn’t bad, but a naughty girl needs a good deep fucking…to clean the pipes if you catch my drift.

veronica_avluv_blow_bang 158
Oh god…there’s so many cocks to choose from. How do I pick just one? I’m going to do my damnedest to please all of these guys. I can taste the cum now! Hope you’ve eaten your fruits.

veronica_avluv_blow_bang 195It’s almost here…the cum that is! These guys are all just about ready to explode and plaster my face. I had so much semen shot on my face that I looked like a fucking glazed doughnut. I’m really lucky none got into my eye this time. I hate having to wear sunglasses!

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Tiffany Tyler fucks her step brother for Christmas

tiffany_tyler_step_brother_xmas 26

This year my step brother has been a very naughty boy and it’s my chore to show him just how bad I’ve been…or can be! 😉 I’m going to suck him and fuck him until he spews his jizz everywhere.

tiffany_tyler_step_brother_xmas 63

I really hope he likes his Christmas gift I got him. The look on his face is a little surprising when he opens up the boxes and notices what’s inside.

tiffany_tyler_step_brother_xmas 79

What’s this? Polaroid pictures of me sucking that meaty cock of yours while topless — that’s exactly what it is! Now, he can always remember just how good I am.

tiffany_tyler_step_brother_xmas 99

What’s next but to fill both of our wildest fantasies on the most cheerful day of the year. I wore my pajamas he had got me with nothing but panties on under it. You could see his cock bulging through his shorts as he grouped my perky tits.

tiffany_tyler_step_brother_xmas 130

Is that a candy cane in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

tiffany_tyler_step_brother_xmas 169Don’t be silly…I knew exactly what was hiding behind those underwear of yours since I’ve sucked it before! You know I give the best blowjobs you’ve ever had!

tiffany_tyler_step_brother_xmas 308

Before you fuck me, I want you to slide that amazing tongue of yours up and down my pussy — tasting all of my juices and tickling my bean (if you know what I mean!).

tiffany_tyler_step_brother_xmas 341

The moment we’ve all been waiting for. I climbed atop my step brother, guided his cock into my moist pussy and began riding him. I bounced my ass against his thighs until he flipped me over and continued pounding me. I absolutely love it when he treats me like a whore and shoves that meat-stick deep inside my snatch.

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Claudia Valentine Hardcore Sex

Claudia Valentine Hardcore Sex

Claudia Valentine Hardcore Sex

I gotta admit, I love me some Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg is the sexiest man on the planet. Today I get to fuck his look alike! This guy totally looks like Zuck in the face. It doesn’t matter how big the real Zuckerman’s wallet is, if he has a dick like his look alike!

Claudia Valentine Hardcore Sex

Claudia Valentine Hardcore Sex

I am just going to pretend I had an awesome interview at Facebook  today. It culminated with a private one on one interview with the Zuck himself, in his private stateroom behind his office. He asked me  a lot of questions about sex and fun and going out and stuff because he’s too busy to party and fuck, plus sadly he’s married now. His wife won’t take no shit, she’s Asian!

Claudia Valentine Hardcore Sex

Claudia Valentine Hardcore Sex

That’s my fantasy and I am sticking to it. In this scene I am determined to make my Zuck remember my face! and ass! and sweet tits! He’ll be thinking about me the next time his little Asian spinner wife is giving him head!

As you can see, Zuck turns out to be a pretty good and well-endowed lover. I sure came out satisfied! I’d be rich if my Facebook stocks went up as far as fake Zuck’s giant cock!

Claudia Valentine Hardcore Sex

Claudia Valentine Hardcore Sex

Sit back and  imagine you were super rich and could have your way with me. What would you do to me with your billion dollar giant dick? Let’s fuck while we are talking to your girlfriend on Facebook chat. She wouldn’t have to know and it would make us both very hot. I admit I am a bit of a home wrecker. The thrill of getting caught by someone’s significant other is such a turn on. Maybe we could have a threesome?

Claudia Valentine Hardcore Sex

Claudia Valentine Hardcore Sex

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Claudia Valentine Hardcore Sex

Claudia Valentine Hardcore Sex

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I called my neighbor, Ramon today to come over and help me do…

I called my neighbor, Ramon today to come over and help me do some work around the house. At least that’s what I tell him to get him over here. He is really hot and I have been trying for weeks to get him over here. When Ramon arrives I tell him I need some work done around the house but that my husband usually handles that, and that the work I really need done is on my body, I… READ MORE»>

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I’m here today with Angelina Valentine and we are being mean sexy bitches to each other. Look at how we suck each others big fucking tits, look at the hot lipstick mark she leaves on my tits. Now its time for my asshole, watch as Angelina licks my tight Russian pornstar asshole. Now its time for Angelina’s asshole, oh so nasty. But it does not stop there, later on in the scene I blind fold Angelina and invite big cock Billy Glide into fuck us both. Sit back and watch as he drives his huge fat cock into our mouths and pussy more…

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Ok I have a very special guy her with me today, Criss Strokes,…

Ok I have a very special guy her with me today, Criss Strokes, why is he special cause his fucking dick is huge. Criss is going to be my big cock boy toy for the day, and it only takes him a minute and half to stick his cock in me. Watch as I get my ass all oiled up in this hot hardcore set. What’s really hot is I keep my black rubber pants on while he fucks me for part of the scene…. READ MORE»>

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I’m here today for you lover and I want cock, I…

I’m here today for you lover and I want cock, I don’t want anything else but a big hard cock. Look at my little leather top and long rubber nylons. I have a surprise too, in this set I’m getting a real cock not a fake one. An her he comes my cock stud for today. Get that cock out, get it out, get it out now, I cant wait any longer. Watch as I do everything imaginable to this big… READ MORE»>

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