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Veronica Avluv facialized in a blow bang

veronica_avluv_blow_bang 9

How was your New Years Eve? I hope you had just as much fun as I did! I got to do a blow bang with a bunch of hot, young studs who eventually covered my face in their man cream! Who wouldn’t want to spray their cum on the one and only Veronica Avluv’s face?

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Do you think I’ll have any issues keeping these gentleman hard as a rock so they can all face fuck me? I sure hope not. These guys better be spurting out jizz like Old Faithful!

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Look at that pussy…just look at it! It wants to be penetrated by a fat dick and pounded hard! Can you make that happen? I want you fucking me like you were running a marathon for the Olympics! There are no breaks here. Fuck up and get spanked. Got it?

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Enough pussy footing around. I want cock and I want it now! FEED ME THE COCK! Looks like I’ve got some hung guys here too. Yummy!!! See who can choke me first. ūüėČ

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I have to say that I was a bit intimidated by this monstrous, peppy fucking cock just in my peripheral vision. I think they may have modeled dildos off of cocks like his! This cock in my mouth isn’t bad, but a naughty girl needs a good deep fucking…to clean the pipes if you catch my drift.

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Oh god…there’s so many cocks to choose from. How do I pick just one? I’m going to do my damnedest to please all of these guys. I can taste the cum now! Hope you’ve eaten your fruits.

veronica_avluv_blow_bang 195It’s almost here…the cum that is! These guys are all just about ready to explode and plaster my face. I had so much semen shot on my face that I looked like a fucking glazed doughnut. I’m really lucky none got into my eye this time. I hate having to wear sunglasses!

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XXX Pornstar Sindy Lange Handjob

XXX Pornstar Sindy Lange Handjob
XXX Pornstar Sindy Lange Handjob

Hi, it’s me, Sindy Lange! I‚Äôm here on scene with a big hard dick. Today’s schedule has me doing this handjob scene in the morning and a fucking scene in the afternoon. It’s a good thing because after I jerk off this dick, I am gonna need one in my dripping wet crotch rocket. I’m horny!

XXX Pornstar Sindy Lange Handjob
XXX Pornstar Sindy Lange Handjob

I haven’t done only a¬†handjob¬†since I was in the school play in¬†high school. I used to go behind the stage, to the “loft” during school hours with my boyfriend and¬†jerk him off¬†between classes. Those were much simpler times! Old fashioneds are fun, but honestly,¬†blowjobs are easier! Heh, high school was a long time ago, I’m a¬†MILF¬†now, but I’ll never forget my¬†handjob¬†roots.

XXX Pornstar Sindy Lange Handjob
XXX Pornstar Sindy Lange Handjob

Click to watch me¬†masturbate¬†this dick to completion. Just a little bit of lotion makes it so much easier for me to make this¬†cock spew. I know he is eying my¬†beautiful titties¬†while I wank him. No worries, my titties are made for massaging, I’ll let him touch them!

What do you think, Should I try to stick a¬†finger in his ass¬†while I give him his hand job? Do you think he will get mad or like it? I say there is nothing wrong with a little ass play, but some guys freak out. I know this, once you guys get past the “gayness” of a little¬†ass play, you will have much more¬†powerful orgasms.

XXX Pornstar Sindy Lange Handjob
XXX Pornstar Sindy Lange Handjob

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XXX Pornstars Ariella Ferrera and Deauxma Threesome With Prince Yahshua

XXX Pornstars Ariella Ferrera and Deauxma Threesome Relax
XXX Pornstars Ariella Ferrera and Deauxma Threesome Relax

I‚Äôm here at¬†Ariella Ferrera’s¬†condo just reading the paper, relaxing with a glass of wine like a proper black stud. Deauxma is coming over later. She’s quite the popular porn star. I guess she’ll be cheating on her husband with me! She’s been married for over 30 years! Who says porn promotes loose morals? Deauxma is a saint! Ariella is always up to something, today she’s planning on a real¬†fuckfest threesome.

XXX Pornstars Ariella Ferrera and Deauxma Threesome Big Tits
XXX Pornstars Ariella Ferrera and Deauxma Threesome Big Tits

She wants me to meet¬†Deauxma¬†(pronounced “Doe-Mae”), so I can get a piece of porn history.¬†Deauxma¬†told me she was really wanting to meet me. After a little small talk we get down to business. I love fucking MILFS, they know what they want, they have done it all before and there are absolutely no limitations on what goes down when I pound my sledge hammer into them like the true¬†professional fucker¬†that I am. This was a great threesome.

XXX Pornstars Ariella Ferrera and Deauxma Threesome Double Suck
XXX Pornstars Ariella Ferrera and Deauxma Threesome Double Suck

I love being the man in the middle of not one, but two horny, wild and experienced white chicks. Especially when they dig the big black dick. All my girls should get hazard pay when they fuck me because they will have bruised lungs when I am finished with them! At least they have Obama care! It was a wild ride for these two Pornstar Platinum MILFS. I wonder if they will be back for more?

XXX Pornstars Ariella Ferrera and Deauxma Threesome
XXX Pornstars Ariella Ferrera and Deauxma Threesome

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Rikki Raxxx Porn

Rikki Raxxx Porn
Rikki Raxxx Porn

I had the wildest day today. I got some of that killer medical marijuana from my local Weed R Us then went home for lunch and a quick rub out. I threw in my Rikki Raxxx DVD and twisted one up. Weed ain’t what it used to be, this shit had my cock hard and my brain spinning.

Rikki Raxxx Porn
Rikki Raxxx Porn

One second Rikki was on TV and the next I’d swear she was in the room on her knees and sucking my dick. Great set of tits on her, I could almost feel em. I threw her around and fucked the bong water out of her, eventually busting a nut on her face like the pornstar that I was. Rikki gives great head. Sucks it down like a champ.

When the buzz wore off and it was time to go back to work, I realized, it wasn’t a dream after all, this is my job! I get to fuck hot pornstars like Rikki Raxxx for a living. That’s why I have a sore back and need my medical marijuana lol. Word to your mother!

Rikki Raxxx Porn
Rikki Raxxx Porn

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Red Sofa

Lisa Neils daisy dukes pink bra

Lisa Neils Masturbating shaved pussy tight ass

Here you are and here I am in my little Daisy Duke short shorts I cut down all by myself. These get me so hot rubbing against my clit, I have to get them off and really work my clit hard. I am so wet, and getting really hot I wish you were here to suck my 34D Tits, but I will have to do it myself. I work my clit faster and harder and harder, Im cumming yes Im cumming Yes, Yes!

Lisa Neils Masturbating 34D tits finger fuck

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Teen Carmella Sucking Big Cock!

Teen Carmella blowjob big cock

Hi! My name is Carmella and I love sucking cock, big fat hard cocks. If I had your cock here with me I would suck it! But your not here so enjoy these hot pics of me sucking cock. I love drinking cum too. I feel I am in control when I have a hard cock in my hands. Not to mention taking a hot load all over my big round all natural boobs.That drives me wild too.
Teen Carmella sucking big cock

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Teen Carmella cum big natural tits

Danielle Foxx Fucked By A Fucker!

tranny pornstar Danielle Foxx big tits nude

tranny pornstar Danielle Foxx shaved pussy big boobs

Ok, this is a exclusive set I did for Pornstar Platinum, you may have seen me in my other solo scene for PSP. If not why have you not signed up to download that one too?!?! In this set however its time for me to get pounded by the famous PSP fucking machine. Watch as I cum, I’m sometimes not the easiest to make cum but this fucking thing did, fuck! What a experience I would so do it again, maybe even anal like I promise in this set. But here I only go for the pussy and that you will see certainly did the trick! Fuck!

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Cheyanne Teaches Nautica!

Cheyanne Nautica 3some blowjob ball sucking

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Im Nautica, and in this set I happened to walk in on a male friend of mine touching himself over his jeans! He happens, by the way to be married too. What was I to do, ask him, of course if I could assist him. Im such a naughty girl. After getting him to loosen up a bit, I was down on him, in a flash sucking his hard cock. Just as I was going off on his big cock, who walks in, but his wife Cheyanne, thank goodness she is open to almost any sexual thing out there. She had no problem teaching me a thing or too in the hot update! Watch and learn as I did!

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Pornstar Havana Ginger Getting A Hard Fucking

Big tit Havana Ginger huge areolas pornstar

Hi all please sit back and enjoy this awesome update! My name is Havana Ginger, heck you must know me, I have been shooting porn for some time now, but this exclusive set I did for Pornstar Platinum ranks up there as one of my best and favorite. If my 34E tits & my hot round latin ass I play with in the beginning of this scene don’t get you hard, then maybe getting pounded in my mouth & pussy by a hard cock will! He fucked me good and hard in this scene and thats what makes it one of my favorites!

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New Pornstar Blaire Banks is Beautiful!

FreshFace Blaire Banks pussy
FreshFace Blaire Banks nude

I’m here at the Pornstar Platinum Studio where I’m ready to put on a show! My name is Blaire Banks, I’m 19 years old & I’m from Iowa! This is my very first video I have ever done, so please, please enjoy. I think you will love me perky real tits and my big juicy hard round ass! The real reason I’m doing this dirty video is to get back at my looser boyfriend! Fuck you dud! I hope everyone else enjoys seeing what he is missing while I play with my fingers and a cool new sex toy for the world to see exclusively for Pornstar Platinum!

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