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Blair Banks Boy Friend Revenge

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When my boy friend broke up with me, back home in Iowa, I decided to move to California where my first job was with Pornstar Platinum. For my first scene, the director suggested that I focus on one thing to curb my nerves. So I decided to focus on my anger at my boy friend for dumping me LOL. Doing so, I had no problem taking off my clothes and playing with my sextoys!

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Cheyanne Teaches Nautica!

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Im Nautica, and in this set I happened to walk in on a male friend of mine touching himself over his jeans! He happens, by the way to be married too. What was I to do, ask him, of course if I could assist him. Im such a naughty girl. After getting him to loosen up a bit, I was down on him, in a flash sucking his hard cock. Just as I was going off on his big cock, who walks in, but his wife Cheyanne, thank goodness she is open to almost any sexual thing out there. She had no problem teaching me a thing or too in the hot update! Watch and learn as I did!

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