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Sexy Vanessa kitchen masturbation

sexy_vanessa_kitchen_masturbation 13

They say tequila makes her clothes fall off, but so does wine…for me at least! I was doing a little straightening up and winding down, finishing my last glass of wine but I guess I was feeling more-so frisky than tired at this point. So, what else is there to do but play with yourself to help you sleep?

sexy_vanessa_kitchen_masturbation 47Oh, look at that. I lost my robe and found myself a big, ripe cucumber that would feel great inside my pussy! This cucumber was the size of a BBC and would probably have me walking funny for days. I surely wouldn’t mind as I’d leave it covered in my creamy pussy juices.

sexy_vanessa_kitchen_masturbation 62

Alright, lets get these panties off and get ready to have some fun, shall we? I hope you like the view of my bubble butt too!

sexy_vanessa_kitchen_masturbation 133

This is what you wanted to see, isn’t it? Seeing me stuff my hole with a big ass cucumber. Mmmhmmmm!

sexy_vanessa_kitchen_masturbation 143

Or do you want it between my tits? I bet your dick would look real good in place of this cucumber.

sexy_vanessa_kitchen_masturbation 146

Here we go! Lets see if I can fit this huge cucumber inside my lady cave. I’m ready to cum and I’m sure it wont take long for me to get off as I’m dripping wet. Hell, I don’t even need any lube! I’ll just slip this in and stretch my pussy wide open.

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Sexy Vanessa in leather and latex lingerie

sexy_vanessa_latex_leather 2

Hey there! How do you all like my new lingerie? I absolutely love leather and latex against my skin. How about you come over here and whip it out so I can wrap my latex gloves around your big cock and jerk you off until you spew that load everywhere?

sexy_vanessa_latex_leather 17

I want you to take advantage of me and treat me like your sex slave. Push me against the wall, and shove your cock deep in my lady cave. While you’re at it, spank me like I’ve been a very, very naughty girl!

sexy_vanessa_latex_leather 218

You like my big tits? I bet my perky milf tits would make any cock rock hard, regardless of your erectile dysfunctions. I love when my tits get played with, specially when you nibble on my rock hard nipples as I ride you!

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Just the thought of sex makes my pussy wet. I don’t know what it is, but I love it. This MILF doesn’t need lube to keep her pussy moist! I think it’s about time we have some real fun. What do you say?

sexy_vanessa_latex_leather 272

Just imagine this was your cock as I grab a hold of it with both hands and tease you by slowly¬†running my tongue around the tip. When I look at you deep in your eyes, I can guarantee you’ll be seconds away from erupting like Old Faithful.

sexy_vanessa_latex_leather 288

I fucking love big cocks, and this contraption we have here is plenty big enough to stretch my pussy wide open. Do you like watching me squat down and fuck this pedestal? This isn’t over yet, but if you want to see me pounding my pussy until I cream and talking dirty, you’re going to have to get yourself a password to my site. ūüėČ

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Tiffany Tyler yoga fun

tiffany-tyler-yoga-006In this business, you have to keep yourself in shape. My escape from reality is yoga, so I figured I’d film my little session today and maybe have some “fun”. Look at those abs…do you think they popped up over night with some weight loss pills and protein shakes? No way, Jose! This body took work and continues to take work to keep it nice and tight.


How does my cobra position look? I’m still working on it, but my form is getting better. This is one of the best stress relievers ever…besides getting myself off rather it be a toy or a fat cock. Hehehe!


Here I am in the downward dog position…with my tight booty all up in your face! Do you like that? Yoga pants are so fucking comfortable and I absolutely love how they’re just a little see-through. Can you see my lace panties?


I bet you can see my purple lace panties now! I’m getting a little hot and bothered here, and these clothes need to come off. Are you ready to have some fun with me? I think I’m done yoga for now. I need to cum!


This is exactly what you need to place your mouth. Right on those shaved pussy lips…well between obviously but you should know that by now. ūüėČ Pulling my panties up and having them rub against my clit is fucking sexy, isn’t it? I think I’m a little wet already. Want to check?


Oh yeah, I’m wet and my pussy is begging to have me play with her! My panties are gone and I have my little pocket rocket all warmed up. Hell, even my nipples are rock hard. I could cut some glass with these babies!


Is this a nice close-up for you? I stuffed my vibrator deep in my pussy and continued to show my flexibility for you. Wouldn’t you just love to pound my pussy from this position? I was horny that I took the vibrator out of my pussy and shoved it right into my ass next. Talk about an amazing orgasm! If you want to see the video, make sure you visit Pornstar Platinum to download it now. I bet you’ll be jerking that meat stick all night long. ūüėČ

Another Tiffany Foxxx XXX Pornstar Gallery

Another Tiffany Foxxx XXX Pornstar Gallery
Another Tiffany Foxxx XXX Pornstar Gallery

Hi guys, I’m just chillin at home in my sexy cat print negligee watching the traffic go by on a lazy Tuesday afternoon. I live in a golf and tennis community. I love when the old men go walking by my window and there is a chance that they can see me masturbating in my picture window. It’s such a thrill. I guess I can be a bit of an exhibitionist. I have made love and played with myself in all sorts of wild places.

Another Tiffany Foxxx XXX Pornstar Gallery
Another Tiffany Foxxx XXX Pornstar Gallery

Right now I am thinking about when I went to¬†Rowan College¬†to visit my sister who was in a sorority. We went out to some parties with all the cute fraternity boys and I ended up in a wild situation after drinking some of that lovely¬†grain alcohol¬†punch. Wow! I found myself on the front steps of the campus’s “signature building”,¬†Bunce Hall. I was getting¬†plowed by a frat boy¬†under the columns of this palatial campus building. We never did get caught and I never saw him again. Ahh, the carefree¬†joys of youth!

Another Tiffany Foxxx XXX Pornstar Gallery
Another Tiffany Foxxx XXX Pornstar Gallery

Where would you take me for a good lay in your dreams? A sand dune? Helicopter? Perhaps the mile high club? Your wish is my command. Close your eyes, take me there. Have your way with me.¬†Fuck me good and hard. MMM, I am really¬†diddling my clit¬†hard now. The buzzing from this vibe is so intense. I wish it was your throbbing¬†big dick inside me. Your real cock beats this pink plastic substitute in my pussy any day! Blow your sweet load inside me. I’m¬†begging¬†you.

Another Tiffany Foxxx XXX Pornstar Gallery
Another Tiffany Foxxx XXX Pornstar Gallery

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XXX Tiffany Foxxx Porn

XXX Tiffany Foxxx Porn
XXX Tiffany Foxxx Porn

Tiffany Foxxx stars in this solo masturbation scene from Pornstar Platinum. Tiffany is a very prolific and beautiful Pornstar. She’s even starred with Snoop Dog in “Shake That”. You can follow her on twitter if you want to stalk her!

XXX Tiffany Foxxx Porn
XXX Tiffany Foxxx Porn

Tiffany Foxxx¬†is a light skinned white chick who looks great in her giant pink and yellow¬†thigh high socks. She’s wearing some kind of feather boa around her waist. Pink is Tiffanies color. Pink perfectly matches the lips of her¬†gorgeous sausage shack.

Watch Tiffany play her¬†great divide¬†masturbating with this tiny violet pocket rocket. It’s so sweet to see how she¬†spreads pussy her lips open¬†and rubs her clit until she achieves¬†orgasm.

XXX Tiffany Foxxx Porn
XXX Tiffany Foxxx Porn

Can you close your eyes and imagine being in the room with Tiffany? Dream of her playing her pussy for you? Imagine tasting her sweet juices while you are in a passionate 69 together.

How would you finish your session with Tiff? Would you fill up her mouth with cum or would you cream pie her little crab shack. I like both, two pumps in her pussy, then squeeze it and put the rest of my load in her mouth. Do you have that kind of talent?

XXX Tiffany Foxxx Porn
XXX Tiffany Foxxx Porn

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XXX Tiffany Foxxx Porn
XXX Tiffany Foxxx Porn

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Angelina Valentine Bottle Service: I am here at my favorite hang…

Angelina Valentine Bottle Service: I am here at my favorite hang out with a bottle in one hand and glass in the other. If you think I am just going to sit here and drink your wrong, I have more nasty plans for this bottle. Watch as I get my ass, tits and legs wet. Then watch as I shove this bottle into my cunt hole, then watch the end when I squirt all over. I never was a very good drinker, and look I got it all‚Ķ READ MORE¬Ľ>

Angelina Valentine Bottle Service

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Hi there, are you ready to play with me lover? Im sure you are….

Hi there, are you ready to play with me lover? Im sure you are. Look at my newly designed bedroom, it‚Äôs so comfy and cozy. Look at my nice warm bed, all that‚Äôs missing is you! How about my pink panties and bra?! Do you like the way I put my hands under my bra and rub my tits? Look at my ass under my panties, I bet you want to fuck it! I want your cock in my bedroom now lover, I‚Ķ READ MORE¬Ľ>

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Another hot set from my porn library. Please meet Mikayla,…

Another hot set from my porn library. Please meet Mikayla, I‚Äôm sure you have seen her before. This set is from a while back, but doesn‚Äôt matter she is hot and will always be hot. I have always wanted to get with this girl, but you‚Äôll have to enjoy just her in this one. She is so fucking hot and sexy, this is Pornstar Justice, she is Pornstar Justice. I love Mikayla and she will‚Ķ READ MORE¬Ľ>

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Here is another exclusive photo set done by my producer, just for you lover. I hope you enjoy looking at this little bikini, look at the cute little ruffles on it. I wish you were here to pull it off my body. But you know what, I‚Äôll do it for you sweetheart. Watch as I perform a great solo for you in this set of new pics from me to you. ‚Ķ READ MORE¬Ľ>

Riley Ray Masturbates With A Pink Egg Dildo

teen pornstar Riley Ray blonde

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Hey there I’m teen pornstar Riley Ray and let me turn you on with a classic slow striptease. I see you trying to peek at the end, dont do that enjoy my striptease I dont want to get you off to fast, take your time. Look at my little 34B titties. The pay off comes as I work my pink egg dildo into my hot pussy and ass. Take a good look, can I hold them open for you to see how hot I am.
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