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Ava Devine fucks her hung black fan

ava_devine_porno_dan_interracial_hardcore 1So, this goofy son-of-a-bitch Porno Dan comes to me and tells me that he has one of my ultimate fans here and he wants to lay the pipe. Lucky for Dan and this fan, I was already horny as a drunk college coed, so I said sure. I had no idea who he had lined up and figured it was another guy with a tiny cock like his.

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This wasn’t the longest dick I’ve ever seen, but I have to admit that it as pretty thick! And if you know anything about me, you know that I absolutely love big, black cocks. Once he unleashed his monster, I couldn’t help but to instantly wrap my lips around it.

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It wasn’t long before that big ass black dick was filling up my fuck hole. He took control and had me submitting to his every move. That dick was mesmerizing to say the least.

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It was so damn mesmerizing, I wanted him to fuck me in my ass! That’s right…I had a big black dick pounding my tight little asshole and stretching it wide open to the point of gaping. It took some getting used to, but it felt great!

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There was a few times where I thought he was tearing my asshole apart! His cock was so big and so filling that I decided to take control and ride him as he pounded my anal cavity.

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While my ass was being pounded, I grabbed my Hitachi wand and placed it right against my clit. My clit was already swollen from being so excited, this just made his ass fucking feel a hundred times better. Once I came, I let him take back over and fuck me like a little whore.

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I didn’t want his jizz going to waste, so right before he was about to cum I had him face fuck me! I wanted to swallow every last drop of his man-goo. I bet I made this fan one of the happiest men in the world tonight. Let’s hope he keeps in touch and stops by again. I wouldn’t mind fucking that black anaconda again! 🙂

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XXX Pornstars Ariella Ferrera and Deauxma Threesome With Prince Yahshua

XXX Pornstars Ariella Ferrera and Deauxma Threesome Relax
XXX Pornstars Ariella Ferrera and Deauxma Threesome Relax

I’m here at Ariella Ferrera’s condo just reading the paper, relaxing with a glass of wine like a proper black stud. Deauxma is coming over later. She’s quite the popular porn star. I guess she’ll be cheating on her husband with me! She’s been married for over 30 years! Who says porn promotes loose morals? Deauxma is a saint! Ariella is always up to something, today she’s planning on a real fuckfest threesome.

XXX Pornstars Ariella Ferrera and Deauxma Threesome Big Tits
XXX Pornstars Ariella Ferrera and Deauxma Threesome Big Tits

She wants me to meet Deauxma (pronounced “Doe-Mae”), so I can get a piece of porn historyDeauxma told me she was really wanting to meet me. After a little small talk we get down to business. I love fucking MILFS, they know what they want, they have done it all before and there are absolutely no limitations on what goes down when I pound my sledge hammer into them like the true professional fucker that I am. This was a great threesome.

XXX Pornstars Ariella Ferrera and Deauxma Threesome Double Suck
XXX Pornstars Ariella Ferrera and Deauxma Threesome Double Suck

I love being the man in the middle of not one, but two horny, wild and experienced white chicks. Especially when they dig the big black dick. All my girls should get hazard pay when they fuck me because they will have bruised lungs when I am finished with them! At least they have Obama care! It was a wild ride for these two Pornstar Platinum MILFS. I wonder if they will be back for more?

XXX Pornstars Ariella Ferrera and Deauxma Threesome
XXX Pornstars Ariella Ferrera and Deauxma Threesome

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Ok so check it out. I’m here at Ariella Ferrera house just…

Ok so check it out. I’m here at Ariella Ferrera house just reading a magazine, chilling out. And she has invited Deauxma over to my surprise, that Ariella is always up to something. See, she really wants me to meet Deauxma, who I have heard many good things about. And I guess more importantly, Deauxma was really itching to meet me. After a little chit chat we get down to why we… READ MORE»>


I’m here with my friends Ava Devine and Jean Van Jean. You…

I’m here with my friends Ava Devine and Jean Van Jean. You see when I get hungry I just want some cock to suck on. Tastes so good baby going all the way down my throat. I love feeling that big cock in my mouth as its pulsating as I play with his balls. Now let me taste your balls my love. So juicy, I love it. I want you to explode in my mouth, I want to taste you baby, please shoot… READ MORE»>

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