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Yuri Luv threesome in the locker room with Danny Mountain

yuri_luv_amy_danny_mountain 3

What’s goin’ on boys? Are you ready to see one of my newest scenes with Amy and the amazing Danny Mountain? We all had a little too much fun in the locker room today! Who am I kidding? There’s no such thing as too much fun. I just cant help myself with Amy around. She’s so fucking cute and I love those sexy eyes of hers.

yuri_luv_amy_danny_mountain 15

Oh, did I forget to mention that Amy has one fine Asian bubble butt? That red thong was sexy as hell too! Wish I could have slid it down those legs with my teeth.

yuri_luv_amy_danny_mountain 27

There’s my girl in her birthday suit! Amy stripped completely down, wearing nothing but her black high heels. I think she’s ready to play with me! 🙂

yuri_luv_amy_danny_mountain 37

Yeah, we kind of match. Isn’t it cute? How does this skirt make my ass look? I love it, but by now I just could not wait to get my tongue inside of Amy.

yuri_luv_amy_danny_mountain 39

You want a peek of what’s underneath, do ya? Come closer baby. I’ll give you a peak at these boobies and maybe more if you’re a good boy!

yuri_luv_amy_danny_mountain 43

Are you still being a good boy? I hope so, because I’ve been naughty and need a spanking. Get over here and spank my ass HARD! I don’t want those pussy ass slaps. Beat me like you beat your dick when you’re in a hurry.

yuri_luv_amy_danny_mountain 55

I’m nice and warmed up now…if you know what I mean! It’s time to grab Amy and lick every inch of her hot little body. Wanna watch us?

yuri_luv_amy_danny_mountain 81

Okay…so who has the better ass? I think Amy’s ass is a little bit better than mine. It’s so round and tight! OHMY! I cant keep my hands off of her.

yuri_luv_amy_danny_mountain 116

As if her looks weren’t enough to get my juices flowing. That tongue and those lips of hers are just amazing! I wouldn’t mind letting her eat my pussy all day and night long. If she keeps it up, I might just have a sweet little surprise for her.

yuri_luv_amy_danny_mountain 133

Danny Mountain was watching us go at it, and as you can see, that cock of his is rock hard and throbbing. What else were we supposed to do besides take care of him? I love pussy, but sometimes you need a good fucking. Am I right ladies?

yuri_luv_amy_danny_mountain 151

Since Amy got to suck that dick first, I got the chance to ride him first. I threw him down on the bench in the locker room and sat down on his cock. I could feel Danny quivering as I rode him. God, that’s so hot! He’s pretty talented too considering he had Amy sitting on his face and he was going to town on her while I fucked his brains out!

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Obscure Pornstar Cyara Fox

Obscure Pornstar Cyara Fox
Obscure Pornstar Cyara Fox

Here’s a blast from the past. Cyara Fox is a hot MILF doing a solo shoot for you. She’s got her fishnet stockings on and she’s only going fishing in between her thighs. I guess that’s why her pussy lips are already pierced, it’s a fish hook. She’s all set for Survivor when she needs to make a big catch.

Obscure Pornstar Cyara Fox
Obscure Pornstar Cyara Fox

Cyara Fox is an alternative looking babe. She’s got a few weird tattoos. It’s like she’s a failed EMO pornstar  who couldn’t commit to the EMO lifestyle and has the shitty tattoos to prove it.

If Cyara was a character in a TV show, she would probably be an escort in the Son’s of Anarchy brothel. When’s the last time you fucked an escort? One good thing is you can dress em up like Cyara Fox in their lingerie and high heels and they can’t say shit because you own their ass for the hour they are with you. Quite unlike the wife, right?

Obscure Pornstar Cyara Fox
Obscure Pornstar Cyara Fox

Watch Cyara pose her little white taint for you. She’s working that taint for the camera. Yeah baby, work that taint, work it for me, work it for me! Cyara has such an inviting asshole doesn’t she? I just want to push her down and enter her ass with one thrust. I’d fuck those shitty tattoos right off her skin.

We own Cyara Fox’s ass for the rest of the afternoon. She is going to play with herself until her fingers are pruned up like from being in the bathtub too long! She’s burning up the camera with her fiery finger fucking.

Obscure Pornstar Cyara Fox
Obscure Pornstar Cyara Fox

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Rikki Raxxx Porn

Rikki Raxxx Porn
Rikki Raxxx Porn

I had the wildest day today. I got some of that killer medical marijuana from my local Weed R Us then went home for lunch and a quick rub out. I threw in my Rikki Raxxx DVD and twisted one up. Weed ain’t what it used to be, this shit had my cock hard and my brain spinning.

Rikki Raxxx Porn
Rikki Raxxx Porn

One second Rikki was on TV and the next I’d swear she was in the room on her knees and sucking my dick. Great set of tits on her, I could almost feel em. I threw her around and fucked the bong water out of her, eventually busting a nut on her face like the pornstar that I was. Rikki gives great head. Sucks it down like a champ.

When the buzz wore off and it was time to go back to work, I realized, it wasn’t a dream after all, this is my job! I get to fuck hot pornstars like Rikki Raxxx for a living. That’s why I have a sore back and need my medical marijuana lol. Word to your mother!

Rikki Raxxx Porn
Rikki Raxxx Porn

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Cynara Fox in Black Wings

Pornstar Cynara Fox lingerie

Pornstar Cynara Fox stockings

Hey look guys its me, Cynara Fox and Im an angel, Im your angel with black wings and a pink pussy. I am having fun posing for these pictures, I just know will turn you on, Im getting hot just thinking about you. I know this will turn you on more, I have my nipples pierced, and do you know where else? Its my clit, come over and give them a lick, I love that.

Pornstar Cynara Fox pink pussy

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Sierra Sin: My Magical Fingers

Small Tit Sierra Sin nice ass
Small Tit Sierra Sin shaved pussy

Im so glad you stopped by to take a look at me little Sierra Sin and my very hot photos. I have on my new little outfit I got on Rodeo drive. It was pricey but worth it, it feels good on my nice 34A tits, its so silky on my nipples and makes me hot. My pussy is really wet and I work it with my two fingers moving the all the way in. I drip down to my ass It help me get my other two fingers in.

Small Tit Sierra Sin spread pussy

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Red Sofa

Lisa Neils daisy dukes pink bra

Lisa Neils Masturbating shaved pussy tight ass

Here you are and here I am in my little Daisy Duke short shorts I cut down all by myself. These get me so hot rubbing against my clit, I have to get them off and really work my clit hard. I am so wet, and getting really hot I wish you were here to suck my 34D Tits, but I will have to do it myself. I work my clit faster and harder and harder, Im cumming yes Im cumming Yes, Yes!

Lisa Neils Masturbating 34D tits finger fuck

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Leather Love with Dani Daniels

Pornstar Dani Daniels short skirt sexy ass
Pornstar Dani Daniels

When I go out on my bike I like to wear this leather jacket. And I normally dont show off my tits like this either. But since Im in the Pornstar Platinum studio getting sexy pics done, why not reveal. Im so so horny I wish you were here to bend my ass over and fuck me hard. Im so hot right now look at these pics and pretend your here with me.
Pornstar Dani Daniels bent over high heels

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Ava Ramon Black And Blonde!

pornstar Ava Ramon sexy blonde

pornstar Ava Ramon big tits shaved pussy

Why did I call this set black & blonde? Well I’m a hot blonde & I’m wearing hot black lingerie panties & bra in this exclusive picture set for! Sit back & enjoy this one of a kind photo set of me, the one and only Ava Ramon! Oh & for the record I sport a 34D-27-34 figure & I’m 5 feet 6 inches tall of pure sexiness! Come check me and all my other pornstar girlfriends out now!

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Layla Rose Cheerleader for the Arrows!

Pornstar Layla Rose Cheerleader sexy teen
Pornstar Layla Rose Cheerleader nice ass nude

I love role playing, well actually at one time I really was a cheerleader but today I’m really role playing for you! See I’m not just a cheerleader anymore I’m a nasty Cheerleader & I’m here to cheer you up LOL! Please take out your big nice hard cock and start stroking it as I play with every single inch of my hot body for you! If you love cheerleaders you’ll cum before I even get out of these clothes, if you don’t care one way or another about cheerleaders then it may take you only a few minutes longer to cum to me hehehe!

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Roller Girl Rosalie Ruiz!

Rosalie Ruiz naked

If your one who loves kinky, sporty stuff, your going to love this video of me (Rosalie Ruiz). This set takes place in a back yard next to a pool on a very nice mild day. And if you think a girl naked with roller skates on is kinky I agree! Watch as I pleasure myself for you wih my favorite Gspot sextpoy & yes I leave my Roller Skates on the entire time. Just image me sucking & fucking your cock, poolside in my roller skates, I bet your getting hard just thinking about this!

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Rosalie Ruiz teen pornstar