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Ava Devine takes Prince’s BBC up her tight ass

ava_devine_prince_yahshua_yellow_lingerie 4

This is no April fools joke, boys. I’m back with the one and only big black cocked Prince Yahshua and I’m ready to get my ass impaled! I hope you’re excited for this set as much as I was. I wore my fishnets for Prince just like he enjoys. As soon as I saw him waiting there with his cock out, I had to get to work.

ava_devine_prince_yahshua_yellow_lingerie 35

There’s one thing about Prince that I just absolutely love – it doesn’t take long for that meaty schlong to get rock hard and ready to pound each and everyone of my orifices.

ava_devine_prince_yahshua_yellow_lingerie 51

It wasn’t long before I was on top of him and riding him like a filthy little cowgirl. That cock fills up my pussy like no other and pounds my vaginal walls like no white boy could…well, most. Hehe.

ava_devine_prince_yahshua_yellow_lingerie 73

…and this is what you’ve all been waiting for, right? Prince laid me down on the chair, had me grab my leg and began penetrating my tight little booty hole with that big ass dick! I spread my pussy lips and played with my clit while he fucked my ass deep. I was going to cum buckets today!
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One last naughty picture of Prince shoving his meaty black cock deep in my rectum for you boys! If you enjoyed these previews, you’ll love seeing the full HD video of our hardcore anal fucking and you will really enjoy seeing where he finishes. I’ll give you a hint — it’s not in my ass!


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Prince gets to nail Ava Devine and Brittany Jade

ava_devine_brittany_jade_prince_yahshua 45

Yo, I’m back again today with two more fine ass hunnies – Sexy, big tit MILF Ava Devine and hot little bodied teen Brittany Jade. Do I have the life or what? I get to penetrate some of the finest asses in the industry and film each and every hardcore-fucking-moment of it! I hope you all enjoy watching me pound these ladies as much as I enjoy getting my rocks off. Anyway, sit back, relax and enjoy the show I have for you all today.

ava_devine_brittany_jade_prince_yahshua 48

Brittany Jade is surely not afraid to spread those legs as you can see. Ava dove right on down and into her pussy with that insane tongue of hers. She lapped up every drop of pussy juice on those meaty pussy lips and had her whole body twitching like no man could ever do.

ava_devine_brittany_jade_prince_yahshua 55

…and here I am! I’ve got two beautiful ladies grasping a hold of my throbbing black cock and gently licking the head. It takes a lot of will power not to just spray my love juice all over these two at this exact moment. That’s how fucking hot it was. It’s like they were fighting at who got the first chance to suck me off. I love it!

ava_devine_brittany_jade_prince_yahshua 62

Of course I had to pound away at Ava Devine’s snatch first. The older the berry, the sweeter the juice they say, right? Not always, but experience is always trumps a tight teen hole – I can tell you that. Ava can work that ass like no other. Don’t get me wrong, I love a hot teen pussy, but they just cant work my big ass dick like an older woman can.

ava_devine_brittany_jade_prince_yahshua 86

Brittany Jade tried to prove me wrong and rode my dick up on the couch while Ava sucked on my balls, but there was no comparison. I’d give her a 7 as opposed to Ava at a whopping 9. I have to say though, that ass on Brittany is fucking hot. Just take a look at my cock stretching that little pussy apart!

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Phat ass Jaye Rose takes on Prince’s black cock

prince_yahshua_jaye_rose 2

Who doesn’t love a nice phat, white ass? That’s right, no one! This is Jaye Rose and she’s here today to surrender that booty to my hungry black cock. As soon as I walked in and saw Jaye in her sexy ass black fishnet outfit, my cock was raging. I couldn’t wait to feel the walls of her cunt wrapped around my cum slinger!

prince_yahshua_jaye_rose 39

Jaye Rose was just as horny as I was at this point. She let those big ass titties loose from her fishnet body suit and bent right on over. The view of that ass was absolutely phenomenal!

prince_yahshua_jaye_rose 47

You know you’ve gotta get that pussy wet before plunging your cock inside, so I flipped Jaye over, spread her legs and began tongue fucking her baby maker until she was literally soaked. Her pussy juices were as sweet and refreshing as a ripe pink peach on a mid-summers day.

prince_yahshua_jaye_rose 55

The time has come and she was begging to have my BBC inside her. Jaye was a kinky little bitch too. She wanted me to choke her while I pounded the fuck out of her. Not a problem. I knocked the bottom out of that pussy!

prince_yahshua_jaye_rose 116

Of course she wanted to go for a ride, as most women do. I let her climb on top to see just how well she could move that ass. I bet if she didn’t have her ass all tied up in this fishnet shit, she could make that ass clap. She actually proved me wrong and rode the hell out of me until I nearly spurted my man goo right inside her pussy.

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Prince pounds white milf Simone Sonay


When a smoking hot, blonde MILF like this comes to you and wants you to terrorize her pussy and knock those cobwebs out, what do you say? You say fuck yes and get to work on that booty! That’s exactly what happened when Simone Sonay showed up and kept talking about wanting some BBC to fill her baby maker. I got you!


There was no doubting this MILF needed her snatch pounded in. She was fucking soaked, and got right to bending over and begging me for my black dick. I spread those butt cheeks and began to penetrate her.


They say the older the berry, the sweeter the juice. If that aint the truth, I don’t know what is! Simone Sonay was loving me dicking her deep. She couldn’t get enough and I wasn’t blasting my jizz just yet.


You know them white girls like to ride your dick. Most of them suck, but this must not be Simone’s first rodeo because she rode my dick like a professional bull rider. Although, she stayed on a little longer than 8 seconds.


…and you know these white women love to swallow, so right before I was about to inseminate her fuck hole I pulled out, got her on her knees and face fucked her until I filled her trap with enough cum to choke her!

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Arial Rose and Yuki Mori sucking Prince’s BBC


I’ve got Asian fever and the only cure to get my temperature down is to get some hot Asian lips wrapped around my black cock. Actually, lets make that two Asian hotties fighting over my cock. I want to give these girls some big cock…unlike their Asian boyfriends with their four inch pea shooters.


You can see it didn’t take me long before my cock was ready to penetrate something! Those perky ass Asian titties and puffy nipples must be getting my juices flowing.


Oh, fuck me! I didn’t think she could get my cock in her mouth. She’s like a snake…unhitched her jaw and gobbled it right up! She even gave me some jerky-jerky while she sucked me off. I bet this isn’t her first rodeo…or big black cock.


Oh…my…god. Could this day get any better? Now, I’ve got two beautiful Asian hotties worshiping my cock like it’s the best fried rice ever!


Arial Rose’s girlfriend Yuki Mori was a little hesitant on sucking me off, and it took her some time to open up but once she finally gave in and wrapped those lips around my throbbing anaconda, I almost blew my load a few times!


My self control was being tested left and right. I had Arial playing with my balls as Yuki was gagging on my meat stick. I don’t know how I really held it in as long as I did! When I came, it was like a volcano erupting from inside my cock. Peter North wouldn’t have shit on this cumshot I plastered these two Asian hotties with!

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Tracey Sweet takes on Prince Yahshua’s big black dick


This is my new little white broad Tracey Sweet. She is pretty sweet, isn’t she? Look at that sexy little body and that innocent look on her face. I couldn’t wait to spread those loins and pound away at that snatch!


That little pink pussy is begging to be penetrated and I’m going to beat it up like a screen door in a hurricane! I must say, those bedroom eyes look pretty temping too.


Tracey Sweet didn’t have any problem trying to swallow my big ass black dick. She took that mother fucker right down her throat and didn’t gag once. She’s a champ!


You know I had to get a taste of that pretty white pussy too, so I had Tracey squat her twat right on my face. That pussy was real good and tasted like a sweet Georgia peach.


After eating that pussy and getting her soaked, she climbed on top of me, grabbed a hold of my cock and shoved it inside her. That snatch hasn’t been stretched by a big dick in a long time!


Look at those pussy lips just wrapped around my cock like a brand new Fleshlight being fucked for the first time. You know what I’m saying? Shit cant get any tighter! I just wished she’d let me at that booty hole.

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Lisa Ann and Misty Stone Threesome

You want to talk about hot threesomes? You can’t for much better than Lisa Ann and Misty Stone all at one time!! How about we throw some interracial into the mix with Prince Yahshua Hell, he is the lucky guy that put this XXX pornstar action together to start with.

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