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Faustine Lee fucks her one and only customer

psp_faustine_lee_ralph_long14It was an extremely slow day today at the diner and I only had ONE damn customer which completely sucks because I my rent is due! Well…lucky for me, I had someone come in and save the day. As I was bringing him his order, I caught him grabbing his cock through his pants while staring at me. I guess he likes my outfit!


You could see the bulge through his pants, and it looked pretty big. I just had to see for myself! I’ve got to work for those tips, right? Once I touched his cock through his jeans, I could tell it was a monster and couldn’t wait to play with it. -wink wink-

psp_faustine_lee_ralph_long32I think I was just as shocked as he was as I grasped his cock in my hand and slowly began to jerk him off. He must have been thinking about me and my big tits as I was putting his order in and started touching himself to get this beast hard.


I could barely fit his cock in my mouth, but I gave it all I had and got about halfway down his shaft before I began to gag!


I fucking love a man who takes control of the situation, and he did just that. He picked me up and put me onto the table, lifted my legs up, moved my panties to the side and began licking my pussy like a dehydrated dog in the middle of summer! I wasn’t expecting to have my pussy licked at work, but I’m sure glad I shaved before hand!


It wasn’t long before he penetrated my wet pussy. As you can see, my clit was insanely swollen already from him just licking away! I cant even begin to explain just how good it felt as he fucked me harder and harder.


As I mentioned before, I love a man who takes control, but once in a blue moon I like to be the one in control. I sat him down in the chair, climbed on top and began riding that meaty cock of his while shoving my big tits in his face! I hope he can breath 😉 He went on to bend me over and pound me from behind before he finished on my face to the grand finale, but you’re going to have to join to see that part…which I hope you do!

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Tiffany Tyler fucks her step brother for Christmas

tiffany_tyler_step_brother_xmas 26

This year my step brother has been a very naughty boy and it’s my chore to show him just how bad I’ve been…or can be! 😉 I’m going to suck him and fuck him until he spews his jizz everywhere.

tiffany_tyler_step_brother_xmas 63

I really hope he likes his Christmas gift I got him. The look on his face is a little surprising when he opens up the boxes and notices what’s inside.

tiffany_tyler_step_brother_xmas 79

What’s this? Polaroid pictures of me sucking that meaty cock of yours while topless — that’s exactly what it is! Now, he can always remember just how good I am.

tiffany_tyler_step_brother_xmas 99

What’s next but to fill both of our wildest fantasies on the most cheerful day of the year. I wore my pajamas he had got me with nothing but panties on under it. You could see his cock bulging through his shorts as he grouped my perky tits.

tiffany_tyler_step_brother_xmas 130

Is that a candy cane in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

tiffany_tyler_step_brother_xmas 169Don’t be silly…I knew exactly what was hiding behind those underwear of yours since I’ve sucked it before! You know I give the best blowjobs you’ve ever had!

tiffany_tyler_step_brother_xmas 308

Before you fuck me, I want you to slide that amazing tongue of yours up and down my pussy — tasting all of my juices and tickling my bean (if you know what I mean!).

tiffany_tyler_step_brother_xmas 341

The moment we’ve all been waiting for. I climbed atop my step brother, guided his cock into my moist pussy and began riding him. I bounced my ass against his thighs until he flipped me over and continued pounding me. I absolutely love it when he treats me like a whore and shoves that meat-stick deep inside my snatch.

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I’m here at home and I’m waiting for my man JCrew to…

I’m here at home and I’m waiting for my man JCrew to get ready. We are suppose to go out and he is not ready yet, he is worse then me. He spent hours in the shower already and he isn’t even dressed yet. He cant decide what to wear, unbelievable. After I tell him what to put on he is going to finally get ready, but you know he looks pretty good there half naked in front of me. Shit… READ MORE»>

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XXX Pornstar Tawny Roberts

XXX Pornstar Tawny Roberts
XXX Pornstar Tawny Roberts

It’s the middle of winter and every where you go, all you see is ice ice baby. He’s a picture set of me and my Vanilla Ice look alike boyfriend, Rick. Poor Vanilla wishes he had a cock this big. Maybe not, I guess it might be hard to dance so well with such a big dick dangling in your parachute pants lol.

XXX Pornstar Tawny Roberts
XXX Pornstar Tawny Roberts

Check out this XXX photo set we took last week. This is just a tease, PornStar Platinum offers so much more. Rick is a trust fund baby and his parents bought him this awesome house with a private outdoor backyard and patio. Shit, Rick is so rich, that if he was born with a small dick, his parents would probably buy him a new bigger one! Lucky for him, this pics are real, that is one hell of a photogenic giant dick! It looks great with my pussy wrapped tightly around the head of his big dick.

XXX Pornstar Tawny Roberts
XXX Pornstar Tawny Roberts

Watch me suck and fuck his long pole, right here on his patio. This XXX set should warm you up if you’re kind of cold. So put one hand under your armpit and another on your dick and get some friction going on in your pants on this cold winter day.

XXX Pornstar Tawny Roberts
XXX Pornstar Tawny Roberts

As I look at these pictures, I am thinking wow, his huge dick makes my pussy look extremely small! My teen ass too, for that matter. Rick really has the perfect dick. That’s my favorite thing to call out when we are fucking, “I love your cock” I love your cock!” 

XXX Pornstar Tawny Roberts
XXX Pornstar Tawny Roberts

They say a girl always goes for a guy who looks like her dad? I think I screwed up? Rick looks like my younger brother! Fucking Vanila Ice? Fucking my brother? Wait What? I need some sleep. View More XXX Porn From PornStar Platinum.

Rikki Raxxx Porn

Rikki Raxxx Porn
Rikki Raxxx Porn

I had the wildest day today. I got some of that killer medical marijuana from my local Weed R Us then went home for lunch and a quick rub out. I threw in my Rikki Raxxx DVD and twisted one up. Weed ain’t what it used to be, this shit had my cock hard and my brain spinning.

Rikki Raxxx Porn
Rikki Raxxx Porn

One second Rikki was on TV and the next I’d swear she was in the room on her knees and sucking my dick. Great set of tits on her, I could almost feel em. I threw her around and fucked the bong water out of her, eventually busting a nut on her face like the pornstar that I was. Rikki gives great head. Sucks it down like a champ.

When the buzz wore off and it was time to go back to work, I realized, it wasn’t a dream after all, this is my job! I get to fuck hot pornstars like Rikki Raxxx for a living. That’s why I have a sore back and need my medical marijuana lol. Word to your mother!

Rikki Raxxx Porn
Rikki Raxxx Porn

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Salena Castro Big Tits Pornstar

Salena Castro Big Tits Pornstar
Salena Castro Big Tits Pornstar

Selena Castro really cleans up well. In fact with a little makeup, she is gorgeous I used to bang the bosses secretary at one of my past jobs who looked just like Selena. Thanks to Facebook, we hooked up again 20 years later! Those tits, it’s all about the tits. She was the biggest breasted girl I ever had, just like Selena’s big tits. 38DD and made for a milkin and a titty fuckin’! That chick was my big tit paradise, what’s yours?

Salena Castro Big Tits Pornstar - Nice Melons!
Salena Castro Big Tits Pornstar – Nice Melons!

Salena Castro Big Tits Pornstar - If You Are Happy And You Know It!

Salena Castro Big Tits Pornstar – If You Are Happy And You Know It!

Selena could be the girl next door the way her face looks so young even though she is obviously quite a woman judging from those fantastic curves. What else do you see? I see a mouth that was made for slurping cock. Trust us, she’s happy to use those lips to make her man happy. She swallows every drop and begs for more. She knows about the importance of protein to make a woman healthy, wealthy and wise!

Salena Castro Big Tits Pornstar - Papayas!
Salena Castro Big Tits Pornstar – Papayas!

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Cheyanne Teaches Nautica!

Cheyanne Nautica 3some blowjob ball sucking

Cheyanne Nautica 3some riding cock threesome

Im Nautica, and in this set I happened to walk in on a male friend of mine touching himself over his jeans! He happens, by the way to be married too. What was I to do, ask him, of course if I could assist him. Im such a naughty girl. After getting him to loosen up a bit, I was down on him, in a flash sucking his hard cock. Just as I was going off on his big cock, who walks in, but his wife Cheyanne, thank goodness she is open to almost any sexual thing out there. She had no problem teaching me a thing or too in the hot update! Watch and learn as I did!

Cheyanne Nautica 3some fuck doggy style 3 way

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Cheyanne Nautica 3some pussy lick fuck

Layla Rose Cheerleader for the Arrows!

Pornstar Layla Rose Cheerleader sexy teen
Pornstar Layla Rose Cheerleader nice ass nude

I love role playing, well actually at one time I really was a cheerleader but today I’m really role playing for you! See I’m not just a cheerleader anymore I’m a nasty Cheerleader & I’m here to cheer you up LOL! Please take out your big nice hard cock and start stroking it as I play with every single inch of my hot body for you! If you love cheerleaders you’ll cum before I even get out of these clothes, if you don’t care one way or another about cheerleaders then it may take you only a few minutes longer to cum to me hehehe!

Pornstar Layla Rose Cheerleader naked shaved pussy
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Pornstar Havana Ginger Getting A Hard Fucking

Big tit Havana Ginger huge areolas pornstar

Hi all please sit back and enjoy this awesome update! My name is Havana Ginger, heck you must know me, I have been shooting porn for some time now, but this exclusive set I did for Pornstar Platinum ranks up there as one of my best and favorite. If my 34E tits & my hot round latin ass I play with in the beginning of this scene don’t get you hard, then maybe getting pounded in my mouth & pussy by a hard cock will! He fucked me good and hard in this scene and thats what makes it one of my favorites!

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Big tit Havana Ginger tight pink pussy

Big tit Havana Ginger big cock rough fuck