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Sexy Vanessa in Pussy Pump Party

sexy_vanessa_suction_cup_solo 12

Do you want to see just how wild and crazy I can be? I’ve got one stunningly sexy set for you guys today and I just hope you enjoy it now just as much as I did making it for you. Not only do I pump my pussy, I suck and fuck the bedpost! I’ve had quite a few requests lately to see me fucking inanimate objects, so here you go!

sexy_vanessa_suction_cup_solo 33

I absolutely had to get this bedpost nice and wet so I could just sit my pussy right on top of it. It would have hurt like hell going in dry!

sexy_vanessa_suction_cup_solo 62

I can tell you that this was way more enjoyable than awkward. I had to use a step stool to position myself up there, but once I got it going….wooo-weee! That little fucking nub really felt amazing inside my pussy.

sexy_vanessa_suction_cup_solo 93

This pump did one hell of a job on my pussy! With a few pumps, my pussy was ready to explode and swollen to the size of a fucking pear. Do you like that, baby?

sexy_vanessa_suction_cup_solo 159

There was no way I could pump my pussy anymore. I had the suction cup completely full. Oh good lord does this feel amazing! My pussy is so swollen and ready to be pounded HARD.

sexy_vanessa_suction_cup_solo 174

It felt good enough that I had to pull it off and finish myself. My pussy was so wet and creamy that I could fit three fingers inside. It was tight, but I wanted to pound myself so I could cum.

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Sexy Vanessa in leather and latex lingerie

sexy_vanessa_latex_leather 2

Hey there! How do you all like my new lingerie? I absolutely love leather and latex against my skin. How about you come over here and whip it out so I can wrap my latex gloves around your big cock and jerk you off until you spew that load everywhere?

sexy_vanessa_latex_leather 17

I want you to take advantage of me and treat me like your sex slave. Push me against the wall, and shove your cock deep in my lady cave. While you’re at it, spank me like I’ve been a very, very naughty girl!

sexy_vanessa_latex_leather 218

You like my big tits? I bet my perky milf tits would make any cock rock hard, regardless of your erectile dysfunctions. I love when my tits get played with, specially when you nibble on my rock hard nipples as I ride you!

sexy_vanessa_latex_leather 243

Just the thought of sex makes my pussy wet. I don’t know what it is, but I love it. This MILF doesn’t need lube to keep her pussy moist! I think it’s about time we have some real fun. What do you say?

sexy_vanessa_latex_leather 272

Just imagine this was your cock as I grab a hold of it with both hands and tease you by slowly running my tongue around the tip. When I look at you deep in your eyes, I can guarantee you’ll be seconds away from erupting like Old Faithful.

sexy_vanessa_latex_leather 288

I fucking love big cocks, and this contraption we have here is plenty big enough to stretch my pussy wide open. Do you like watching me squat down and fuck this pedestal? This isn’t over yet, but if you want to see me pounding my pussy until I cream and talking dirty, you’re going to have to get yourself a password to my site. 😉

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Sexy Vanessa ready for a ride on her Harley

sexy_vanessa_biker_jacket 14

You know why women love riding big, loud Harley’s right? That power (and vibrations!) simply cannot be found in some measly sex toy. There’s nothing like cruising down the highway doing 70 mph and having that engine between my legs making everything vibrate if you know what I mean! Plus, I get to wear this sexy leather biker jacket. How does it look?

sexy_vanessa_biker_jacket 31

I just had to get an ass shot in here. My tush looks so damn sexy — especially in those pink fishnets and matching thong! Think you could handle this?

sexy_vanessa_biker_jacket 123

Are you sure you can handle this? I can and WILL milk your dick better than any other woman ever has. That’s a promise! Get up here and slide that cock right in between my crotchless stockings and into my freshly shaved pussy. Don’t be shy!

sexy_vanessa_biker_jacket 146

Want to have some fun? I’m going to fuck myself while you’re jerking that Italian Sausage of yours. Sound like a plan? My pussy is begging to be fucked hard, but unfortunately I don’t have that option right now, so this will have to do. If you were here, I’d have you shove your face in between my legs and lick this muff until I spewed my cream then have you fuck my slit until I creamed again! Yes, I’m that horny right now!!

sexy_vanessa_biker_jacket 241

I’ve got that dildo shoved DEEP in my dripping wet pussy now and it feels great! I just wish it was a hard cock instead of a glass blown fake cock. 🙁

sexy_vanessa_biker_jacket 247

That’s the spot! As long as I think about you while I’m getting off here, I’ll have no troubles. Tell me how bad I’ve been baby…Spank that tight MILF ass and call me your dirty fuck whore! Here I gooooo….I’m cummmmiiiinnnnggggg!

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Sexy Vanessa Bella – Hey lover, I miss you! I have on a very…

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I love this sexy hot chocolate tranny, and she speaks dirty sexy…

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