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Tiffany Tyler fucks her step brother for Christmas

tiffany_tyler_step_brother_xmas 26

This year my step brother has been a very naughty boy and it’s my chore to show him just how bad I’ve been…or can be! ūüėČ I’m going to suck him and fuck him until he spews his jizz everywhere.

tiffany_tyler_step_brother_xmas 63

I really hope he likes his Christmas gift I got him. The look on his face is a little surprising when he opens up the boxes and notices what’s inside.

tiffany_tyler_step_brother_xmas 79

What’s this? Polaroid pictures of me sucking that meaty cock of yours while topless — that’s exactly what it is! Now, he can always remember just how good I am.

tiffany_tyler_step_brother_xmas 99

What’s next but to fill both of our wildest fantasies on the most cheerful day of the year. I wore my pajamas he had got me with nothing but panties on under it. You could see his cock bulging through his shorts as he grouped my perky tits.

tiffany_tyler_step_brother_xmas 130

Is that a candy cane in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

tiffany_tyler_step_brother_xmas 169Don’t be silly…I knew exactly what was hiding behind those underwear of yours since I’ve sucked it before! You know I give the best blowjobs you’ve ever had!

tiffany_tyler_step_brother_xmas 308

Before you fuck me, I want you to slide that amazing tongue of yours up and down my pussy — tasting all of my juices and tickling my bean (if you know what I mean!).

tiffany_tyler_step_brother_xmas 341

The moment we’ve all been waiting for. I climbed atop my step brother, guided his cock into my moist pussy and began riding him. I bounced my ass against his thighs until he flipped me over and continued pounding me. I absolutely love it when he treats me like a whore and shoves that meat-stick deep inside my snatch.

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Nikita Von James sexy Christmas strip tease

nikita_von_james_xmas_wishes10Merry Christmas boys!!! ¬†Have you been naughty or nice? My list says you’ve been very, very naughty and you deserve a spanking. Teehee! Nikita Von James here and I’m ready to show you how I decorate my tree. I like to make it into a game. It’s way more enjoyable! Every time I add a new ornament to the tree, I like to take something off.
nikita_von_james_xmas_wishes16Oh, look what we have here…another ornament to go on the tree. You know what that means, don’t you? It means something has to come off. I think it’ll be my sexy red lace bra. How does that sound, cutie?
nikita_von_james_xmas_wishes21How about I wrap a bow around these big titties and make them your Christmas present? I’m sure you’d love that! Anyway, it’s time to add some more ornaments to the Christmas tree. What do you want to see next?
nikita_von_james_xmas_wishes25Oh no! It looks like my panties are coming off! How about you help me finish taking them off, but use your teeth? After your done removing my panties, you can bury your face deep into my tight, bubble butt and taste my juices.
nikita_von_james_xmas_wishes30You’re not the only one who has been naughty this year. I’m ALWAYS a naughty girl! Who wants to come spank me and tell me just how bad I’ve been?
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Happy Holidays,
Nikita Von James

Obscure XXX Pornstar Summer

Obscure XXX Pornstar Summer
Obscure XXX Pornstar Summer


What ever happened to Porn Star Summer? She was one of our favorite girls to work with here in LA. Always fun and open for everything. Then she up and disappeared. She’s back after an exciting adventure in Europe. She tells us that while she was gone she had sex in every European Union country!

Obscure XXX Pornstar Summer
Obscure XXX Pornstar Summer

Summer got it on while traveling Europe mostly be train. She says that she always follows her dreams. Endless days and nights of train riding through Europe with her lover was the stuff her dreams were made of. She saved all of her porn money instead of putting it up her nose, bought this trip as a treat to herself. Hopefully she shares some footage with us and you!

Obscure XXX Pornstar Summer
Obscure XXX Pornstar Summer

Pornstar Platinum¬†is ready to bring Summer out of Pornstar retirement back into the fold. She’s excited to get back to work. Apparently her next big dream is to take a trip down the Amazon and get fucked by some natives! It’s an expensive trip so she’ll be working hard in the next few months.

Obscure XXX Pornstar Summer
Obscure XXX Pornstar Summer

This is one hot fucking set. Watch Summer get fucked up and down by her big dicked companion. He even breaks out the old¬†pile drive maneuver¬†and almost splits her in two. Summer lives for a good¬†hard fuck, so it’s no¬†skin off her pussy.

Obscure XXX Pornstar Summer
Obscure XXX Pornstar Summer

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Rikki Raxxx Porn

Rikki Raxxx Porn
Rikki Raxxx Porn

I had the wildest day today. I got some of that killer medical marijuana from my local Weed R Us then went home for lunch and a quick rub out. I threw in my Rikki Raxxx DVD and twisted one up. Weed ain’t what it used to be, this shit had my cock hard and my brain spinning.

Rikki Raxxx Porn
Rikki Raxxx Porn

One second Rikki was on TV and the next I’d swear she was in the room on her knees and sucking my dick. Great set of tits on her, I could almost feel em. I threw her around and fucked the bong water out of her, eventually busting a nut on her face like the pornstar that I was. Rikki gives great head. Sucks it down like a champ.

When the buzz wore off and it was time to go back to work, I realized, it wasn’t a dream after all, this is my job! I get to fuck hot pornstars like Rikki Raxxx for a living. That’s why I have a sore back and need my medical marijuana lol. Word to your mother!

Rikki Raxxx Porn
Rikki Raxxx Porn

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Lisa Neils daisy dukes pink bra

Lisa Neils Masturbating shaved pussy tight ass

Here you are and here I am in my little Daisy Duke short shorts I cut down all by myself. These get me so hot rubbing against my clit, I have to get them off and really work my clit hard. I am so wet, and getting really hot I wish you were here to suck my 34D Tits, but I will have to do it myself. I work my clit faster and harder and harder, Im cumming yes Im cumming Yes, Yes!

Lisa Neils Masturbating 34D tits finger fuck

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