Erica Lauren needs a valentine

erica_lauren_valentines_day 15

I must say that I was a little bit lonely on Valentines day, but I made the best of it with what I had. And what I had was my amazingly little friend who buzzes his way to my…heart. Yeah, my heart! LOL.  Anyway, how do you like my outfit? Pretty darn sexy, isn’t it? I bet it would look better on your floor though. You can come help me take it off if you’d like, but you cant use your hands. Sound fun?

erica_lauren_valentines_day 43

Is this how you want me? Just lift my leg up and penetrate my freshly trimmed up muff with that thick cock of yours. Come on, don’t be shy! I won’t bite…of course unless you ask me to 😉 Speaking of biting, I don’t mind some nibbling on my hard nipples. Mmmm!

erica_lauren_valentines_day 54

I can just feel the dampness in my panties already. The thought of having my pussy ravaged by a hard, throbbing cock makes me instantly wet. Almost like someone turned on a faucet full blast.

erica_lauren_valentines_day 59

And there he is…my little vibrating friend! Already ready to go and please me. I love it!

erica_lauren_valentines_day 77

He’s big and black too. Just how I like ’em! Just kidding. I like cocks of all shapes and sizes as long as they’re not two inches. Cant do much with a two inch dick but tickle my pussy lips. I am fucking ridiculously horny right now. This vibrator feels good, but a hard cock would be a hell of a lot better.

erica_lauren_valentines_day 124

How can I resist tasting my own pussy juices? I covered this g-spot tickler with my cum and I plan on sucking every last drop of it off. I have some sweet juices if I do say so myself! Want a taste? Then come over here and dive deep into my snatch and give me the tongue lashing I deserve!

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Happy Valentines Day from Yuri Luv

yuri_luv_2014_valentines 17

I’m a little late with my valentines update, but better late than never, right? I’ve got on one of my most favorite outfits today and I’m going to do more than get your juices flowing. I hope you’re ready to grab a hold of your dick and blast that love juice all over!

yuri_luv_2014_valentines 51

I’m not going to waste any time and tease you too much. I’m fucking horny and I want to get to playing with my clit already! I ripped my bra off and slide my panties down my fat ass so that I was fully nude and ready for some hardcore masturbating all while wishing you were here to fuck me instead of playing with my new toy.

yuri_luv_2014_valentines 67

Inviting isn’t it? Have I ever told you that this is my favorite position? I love it doggystyle. There’s just something about you taking control, grabbing my hips and thrusting that big cock of yours as deep inside of my fuck hole as you possibly can. I don’t mind having my hair pulled and ass slapped sometimes too. Nothing wrong with a little pain for pleasure. If you’re a really good boy, I may even let you take a dive into my chocolate starfish…my asshole!

yuri_luv_2014_valentines 82

As I said, I’m not going to lollygag around. I grabbed my pocket rocket, cranked it up and pressed it right against my clit. My legs quickly began to quiver as I felt my pussy juices beginning to flow out of my pussy and onto the bed sheets. It wouldn’t take me long to orgasm, that’s for sure.

yuri_luv_2014_valentines 108

Take a look deep inside my pussy lips. Can you see just how wet I am? This pussy would grasp your cock better than your first fuck. I guarantee it! Not to mention, I’ve got moves like Jagger that would leave you breathless and speechless after exploding your man goo deep inside my lady cave.

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Charisma Cappelli in Silver Bikini Fun


Hey boys! Hope you’re all doing well. I surely am! I’m getting ready for summer and just picked out a brand new silver bikini that I couldn’t wait to try on and show off for you all. I just love the animal print and sequins! Are you ready to have some fun with me?


I’m sure you knew this bikini wouldn’t stay on long. I just cant keep my goodies covered when I’m feeling frisky. Now, get over here and bury your face between my tits and let me smother you while you motorboat these puppies!


Don’t you just love how perky my tits are? I hope you’re not ready to bust just yet because there’s a lot more to come…pun intended!


Ohhh baby! My bikini bottoms are off and my pussy is more than ready to be fucked deep and hard. If you thought burying your face in between my big, perky tits was fun, just wait until I’ve got my thighs wrapped around your head while you tongue my snatch and lap up all of my pussy juices.

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Trinity St Clair in Promo Pics

trinity_st_clair_promo_pics 8

Not all of my photo shoots are nude…but I like to make them fun and flash some titty every now and then. It keeps the photographer focused on me, and nothing else. Not that it’s hard to keep focused on me anyway. Hehe! I had a little fun in today’s shoot and figured I’d share some of my pictures with you. I just love this first outfit. That blue sweater was soo comfortable and fit amazing! Paired up with those jeans, this was a perfect outfit for a girls night out when I was to keep myself from getting into too much trouble.

trinity_st_clair_promo_pics 59

It’s off season now, but I will never give up my love for Philly and their Eagles. I wasn’t a huge fan of this jacket, but I couldn’t resist supporting my favorite football team…and flashing my perky little tits too. 😉

trinity_st_clair_promo_pics 45The photographer was snapping pics while I was getting dressed and slipping into this long dress. I think he just wanted some personal nude pictures of me for later, so he could finally take care of that bulge in his pants. I bet you’d do the same, wouldn’t you?

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Faustine Lee punishes Nikki Delano


You know what I love about women? They know and understand how I want it, and all it takes is a strap-on and you’ve got a penis that will never go limp before it pleases me! Hehehe! I love Nikki Delano and she loves me so we’re going to have a little fun together just for your viewing pleasure. Yeah, right! I miss that pussy of hers!


Did you think I was kidding? Well, I was a little, but look! Nikki already has her dildo strap-on attached and I’m riding that beefy rubber dick. I’ll let her get me nice and warmed up before I have her shove her luscious lips between my thighs.


You can already see my clit swelling up as she has me laid on my back with my legs spread. That dildo was just the right size to get my juices flowing. Okay, her good looks helped too.


Oh baby! Nikki’s letting me taste some of my own juices while pretending to throat fuck me with the dildo. I didn’t mind one bit!


But then I wanted to taste her pussy to see if her juices were as delicious as the rest of her. It most definitely was! I could have laid there and lapped up that pussy all-night-long.


Look at my swollen and enlarged clit! It’s ready to be sucked and Nikki is there to finish me off for the first round. Oww owwww!!!


Oh, she’s not done using and abusing my pussy…or my ass at that! I wanted her to keep me cumming, and that she did. Nikki and I had a blast. I sure hope she doesn’t leave me again for too long. I’m going to miss her!


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Ava Devine anally pounded by Mandingos 12 inch BBC

ava_devine_mandingo 1

I was lonely, horny and just craving a massive cock to come fill and fuck my holes so I can cum over and over again. So, who else do I call besides the one-and-only Mandingo? He surely wasn’t going to resist coming over to pound each of my holes.

ava_devine_mandingo 23

With an ass like this, Mandingo would never tell me no. Plus, he knows I don’t mind him plugging up my booty hole with that big ass dick. -wink wink- ava_devine_mandingo 54

I am getting moist just thinking about his hard, black, throbbing monster cock. The way he fucks me makes my legs twitch after every stroke…in and out of my snatch. He better get here quick or I’m going to start without him!

ava_devine_mandingo 66

Ahhh…yessss! There’s that big ass, black dick of his and he’s already hard. Perfect! Not much work to do before I have him slamming my holes! I still let him throat fuck me until I gagged and couldn’t take it any longer. 🙂

ava_devine_mandingo 78

Yeah, just shove it right in my ass. I guess that’s okay! Just make sure you take it easy at first. Then give me all you’ve got. I want you balls deep in my asshole! Treat me like your little filthy whore as you violate my shitter.

ava_devine_mandingo 107

Keep pounding me like that, big boy. I’m going to cum again. It’s a shame it wont be ON your dick! When you cum, you better shoot it in my mouth and let me swallow. K?

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Prince pounds white milf Simone Sonay


When a smoking hot, blonde MILF like this comes to you and wants you to terrorize her pussy and knock those cobwebs out, what do you say? You say fuck yes and get to work on that booty! That’s exactly what happened when Simone Sonay showed up and kept talking about wanting some BBC to fill her baby maker. I got you!


There was no doubting this MILF needed her snatch pounded in. She was fucking soaked, and got right to bending over and begging me for my black dick. I spread those butt cheeks and began to penetrate her.


They say the older the berry, the sweeter the juice. If that aint the truth, I don’t know what is! Simone Sonay was loving me dicking her deep. She couldn’t get enough and I wasn’t blasting my jizz just yet.


You know them white girls like to ride your dick. Most of them suck, but this must not be Simone’s first rodeo because she rode my dick like a professional bull rider. Although, she stayed on a little longer than 8 seconds.


…and you know these white women love to swallow, so right before I was about to inseminate her fuck hole I pulled out, got her on her knees and face fucked her until I filled her trap with enough cum to choke her!

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Tara Holiday in Vegas for the AVN show

tara_holiday_ron_hardcore 3

So, I’m at the AVN show in Las Vegas last month and I had just put on one of my new, sexy ass outfits and just had to show it off…which eventually turned into me sucking, and getting my pussy torn apart by Ron Hardcore. I’m surely not complaining! Oh yeah, how do you like my outfit? Those fishnets are a bitch!

tara_holiday_ron_hardcore 8

I had no bra on, but luckily enough it was warm outside to keep my from blasting my nips! Are you getting excited yet? You just want to bend me over this railing and pound away at my pussy, don’t you?

tara_holiday_ron_hardcore 19

Maybe this will make your decision about fucking me easier. 😉 After this quick little strip tease, I went in and began to suck Ron’s cock like a shop vac! His cock immediately became hard. He then took the trip down under to eat my pussy. Making sure I was wet and ready to be pounded!

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Trinity St Clair gets naughty with Ashley

trinity_st_clair_ashley 18

I can never turn down some girl-on-girl action. Specially when it’s my hot redhead girlfriend, Ashley. Aren’t those eyes of her’s just absolutely stunning? I cant wait to have her little snatch right in my face.

trinity_st_clair_ashley 33I had to unleash those boobies of Ashley…and mine too of course 😉 I don’t like beating around the bush…giggity. So, as you see, we got our playtime going quick!

trinity_st_clair_ashley 40

and out came the magical Hitachi Wand. I’m sure you know what these amazing devices do to a woman. I can never control myself with one of these pulsating against my clit.

trinity_st_clair_ashley 61

Eventually it was my Ashley’s turn to take on the mighty Hitachi! She was extremely excited. The only thing she could say was “oh…my…god…TRINITY!” Along with a few “Oh fuck yes!” shouts. I just love it when she bites her nails too!

trinity_st_clair_ashley 87

We save the best for last! After some mind-blowing, clit tingling action with the Hitachi, we finished each other off in one of the hottest 69’s ever! Ashley had one of the sweetest tasting pussies to. It was like the nectar of the gods!

Arial Rose and Yuki Mori sucking Prince’s BBC


I’ve got Asian fever and the only cure to get my temperature down is to get some hot Asian lips wrapped around my black cock. Actually, lets make that two Asian hotties fighting over my cock. I want to give these girls some big cock…unlike their Asian boyfriends with their four inch pea shooters.


You can see it didn’t take me long before my cock was ready to penetrate something! Those perky ass Asian titties and puffy nipples must be getting my juices flowing.


Oh, fuck me! I didn’t think she could get my cock in her mouth. She’s like a snake…unhitched her jaw and gobbled it right up! She even gave me some jerky-jerky while she sucked me off. I bet this isn’t her first rodeo…or big black cock.


Oh…my…god. Could this day get any better? Now, I’ve got two beautiful Asian hotties worshiping my cock like it’s the best fried rice ever!


Arial Rose’s girlfriend Yuki Mori was a little hesitant on sucking me off, and it took her some time to open up but once she finally gave in and wrapped those lips around my throbbing anaconda, I almost blew my load a few times!


My self control was being tested left and right. I had Arial playing with my balls as Yuki was gagging on my meat stick. I don’t know how I really held it in as long as I did! When I came, it was like a volcano erupting from inside my cock. Peter North wouldn’t have shit on this cumshot I plastered these two Asian hotties with!

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