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Tiffany Tyler yoga fun

tiffany-tyler-yoga-006In this business, you have to keep yourself in shape. My escape from reality is yoga, so I figured I’d film my little session today and maybe have some “fun”. Look at those abs…do you think they popped up over night with some weight loss pills and protein shakes? No way, Jose! This body took work and continues to take work to keep it nice and tight.


How does my cobra position look? I’m still working on it, but my form is getting better. This is one of the best stress relievers ever…besides getting myself off rather it be a toy or a fat cock. Hehehe!


Here I am in the downward dog position…with my tight booty all up in your face! Do you like that? Yoga pants are so fucking comfortable and I absolutely love how they’re just a little see-through. Can you see my lace panties?


I bet you can see my purple lace panties now! I’m getting a little hot and bothered here, and these clothes need to come off. Are you ready to have some fun with me? I think I’m done yoga for now. I need to cum!


This is exactly what you need to place your mouth. Right on those shaved pussy lips…well between obviously but you should know that by now. ūüėČ Pulling my panties up and having them rub against my clit is fucking sexy, isn’t it? I think I’m a little wet already. Want to check?


Oh yeah, I’m wet and my pussy is begging to have me play with her! My panties are gone and I have my little pocket rocket all warmed up. Hell, even my nipples are rock hard. I could cut some glass with these babies!


Is this a nice close-up for you? I stuffed my vibrator deep in my pussy and continued to show my flexibility for you. Wouldn’t you just love to pound my pussy from this position? I was horny that I took the vibrator out of my pussy and shoved it right into my ass next. Talk about an amazing orgasm! If you want to see the video, make sure you visit Pornstar Platinum to download it now. I bet you’ll be jerking that meat stick all night long. ūüėČ

XXX Pornstar Ava Ramon

XXX Pornstar Ava Ramon
XXX Pornstar Ava Ramon

Ava Ramon is a perfect beauty from my collection of XXX Porn Stars. Long blond hair, bit natural tits and a perfect body. I think we filmed this scene last summer in Hollywood. Ava is a great XXX performer. I am glad I found this set on one of my old flash drives. I have probably lost more porn than you have ever seen! Fucking USB sticks are too small and I break them too easily.

XXX Pornstar Ava Ramon
XXX Pornstar Ava Ramon

This is a very hot¬†XXX hardcore¬†set. A set that I am proud of! I really love knowing that the models I take pictures of fucking, really look their best. It makes them happy and they love to work for me again. Great for job security. I can assure you, as long as¬†Ava Ramon¬†wants to¬†spread her legs, I’ll be there with camera in hand.

XXX Pornstar Ava Ramon
XXX Pornstar Ava Ramon

If you are not beating off to this set, I can’t understand why? I took the photos and I already dumped some¬†sperm in my sock¬†just going over all these XXX stills. Ava is very photogenic. She’s a hot fuck too! I am sure the guys at¬†Pornstar Justice¬†will get a lot of new members with Ava Ramon’s pretty¬†wet pussy!

XXX Pornstar Ava Ramon
XXX Pornstar Ava Ramon
XXX Pornstar Ava Ramon
XXX Pornstar Ava Ramon

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XXX Pornstar Ava Ramon

XXX Pornstar Kayla Carrera

XXX Pornstar Kayla Carrera Pose
XXX Pornstar Kayla Carrera Pose

Justice Young and Kayla Carrera¬†get things rolling at the weekend BBQ. Many ribs were on display in this wild little orgy. A fucking BBQ? Yep! it there any other kind of BBQ? We had six of us¬†fucking and sucking¬†around for the whole afternoon. The best part, was the potato salad. Just kidding, the best past was¬†Kayla’s sweet wet pussy. She’s got the perfect #2¬†pencil eraser nipples¬†you like!

XXX Pornstar Kayla Carrera Hot
XXX Pornstar Kayla Carrera Hot

Kayla starts off with hard cock¬†jammed down her throat.¬†she takes it like a true champ. She’s a¬†sloppy sucker,¬†watch and enjoy! Later, Havana joins us and brings some of her home made cole slaw. It’s was good, but her tits were better! Before you know it, the party had¬†six toned bodies¬†all hard at work trying to¬†cum. They go at it¬†like rabbits¬†running away from Elmer Fudd.

XXX Pornstar Kayla Carrera Pussy Shot
XXX Pornstar Kayla Carrera Pussy Shot

It’s amazing how a bunch of friends can get together for some beef and pork and then end up all¬†fucking each other silly. The more, the merrier, right? How many girls can you have¬†sucking your cock¬†at once? Is there a Guinness World Record for “Most Mouths on a Dong“? There should be! I wouldn’t mind coming in 3rd place for my attempt at the record. How about you? Honestly, I think more than¬†three girls sucking my cock¬†at once is a waste, but I’ll give it a shot!

XXX Pornstar Kayla Carrera
XXX Pornstar Kayla Carrera

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Salena Castro Big Tits Pornstar

Salena Castro Big Tits Pornstar
Salena Castro Big Tits Pornstar

Selena Castro¬†really cleans up well. In fact with a little makeup, she is¬†gorgeous!¬† I used to bang the bosses¬†secretary¬†at one of my past jobs who looked just like Selena. Thanks to Facebook, we hooked up again 20 years later! Those tits, it’s all about the tits. She was the biggest breasted girl I ever had, just like Selena’s big tits. 38DD and made for a milkin and a titty fuckin’!¬†That chick was my big tit paradise, what’s yours?

Salena Castro Big Tits Pornstar - Nice Melons!
Salena Castro Big Tits Pornstar – Nice Melons!

Salena Castro Big Tits Pornstar - If You Are Happy And You Know It!

Salena Castro Big Tits Pornstar – If You Are Happy And You Know It!

Selena could be the¬†girl next door¬†the way her face looks so young even though she is obviously quite a woman judging from those fantastic curves. What else do you see? I see a mouth that was made for slurping cock. Trust us, she’s happy to use those lips to make her man happy. She¬†swallows every drop¬†and begs for more. She knows about the importance of¬†protein to make a woman healthy, wealthy and wise!

Salena Castro Big Tits Pornstar - Papayas!
Salena Castro Big Tits Pornstar – Papayas!

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34H Big Tit Maserati XXX Makes It A Happy 4th of July!

Big tit MaseratiXXX ebony babe

Big tit MaseratiXXX sucking cock

Hi all it’s Maserati XXX here for Pornstar Platinum and Happy 4th of July! Yes it’s true I’m always being associated with the whole Jamaican thing but really I’m a American and proud of it! So I thought what better way to celebrate Independence then to get some big white American sailor cock. So I requested white stud Ralph for this one and he is ready to please. And here he is, dressed in his hot lil sailor outfit and guess what, he has an All American, All Beef frankfurter for my big 34H black tits! Watch as this young sailor fucks my big fat round boobs, drills my lil pussy and covers my tits with his bottle rocket full of cum! Happy 4th of July 2012!

Big tit MaseratiXXX fucking big cock

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Big tit MaseratiXXX fucked big cock

Lisa Neils in Hot Lingerie

Big tit Lisa Nails lingerie

Big tit Lisa Nails shaved pussy

Wow I am so happy to be on pornstar platinum with these hot pictures. Take a look at my firm big 34D tits, I would like you to take my nipples into your mouth and suck on them, I taste great, bite them gently I really get turned on by that. I have a great wet hot pussy just waiting for your hard cock.
Big tit Lisa Nails masturbating, pinching nipples

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Big tit Lisa Nails masturbation stockings

Melanie: Working My Clit

Big tit Melanie panties

Big tit Melanie nude teen

Here you are you have dropped by to take a look at some of my latest photographs. To show you how much I appreciate it and you know how much I do I am going to give you a great show. My nice big 34D tits are big enough that I can suck my own tits. But that is just so hot, what is really hot in the photos is me working my clit and my pussy with my mini dildo.

Big tit Melanie spread pussy
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Big tit Melanie masturbating

Sierra Sin: My Magical Fingers

Small Tit Sierra Sin nice ass
Small Tit Sierra Sin shaved pussy

Im so glad you stopped by to take a look at me little Sierra Sin and my very hot photos. I have on my new little outfit I got on Rodeo drive. It was pricey but worth it, it feels good on my nice 34A tits, its so silky on my nipples and makes me hot. My pussy is really wet and I work it with my two fingers moving the all the way in. I drip down to my ass It help me get my other two fingers in.

Small Tit Sierra Sin spread pussy

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Small Tit Sierra Sin finger fuck

Dani Daniels In Pink Panties!

Pornstar Dani Daniels pink panties

Pornstar Dani Daniels perky tits

I love the color pink, its my favorite color, the same color that my wet hot pussy is. Let me peal this off so you get a good look at my big tits. They are perfectly round and firm. Move closer to the screen give my nipples a little pinch, I love it, now take it into your mouth and suck it, oh yes it feels great, give the other one a little attention too. mmmmm

Pornstar Dani Daniels stripping high heels
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Pornstar Dani Daniels naked nice boobs

Britney Stevens Kinky Stuff!

pornstar Britney Stevens big tits stripping

pornstar Britney Stevens masturbating wife beater

Im Britney Stevens and I got a message from a guy that if I dont do kinky stuff he wont join my site! I dont even have a site yet, but here is something really kinky for you. So if this guys finds out about this scene on Pornstar Platinum then maybe he can join Pornstar Platinum and watch this shit! This is a first for me, not that Im in a doctors office about to do a scene but that Im about to plug my holes with these kinky tools! Watch as I open up my asshole, pussy and every other damn hole there is with these kinky tools! Oh and I almost forgot, I have the fucking machine here with me too!

pornstar Britney Stevens fuck machine spread pussy

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pornstar Britney Stevens nude tits pussy