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Punk rock BBW Anna Anarchy gets a hard cock

kinky_exploits_christian_anna_anarchy 22

You know that big girls need love to…and I’m surely not one to give up a piece of trim. I don’t care if they’re light as a feather or nice and plump like BBW Anna Anarchy here. I’ll still beat the brains out of that ass. It’s all pink inside, right?

kinky_exploits_christian_anna_anarchy 25

You know they can give one mean blowjob too, right? These girls love to please their men and put everything they have into sucking cock. It’s like the Dyson of blowjobs. I had to hold myself back a few times just so I could at least get my cock in between those fat pussy lips first.

kinky_exploits_christian_anna_anarchy 66

Those chunky ass pussy lips wrapped around my cock tighter than a fleshlight. All that cushion just squeezes your cock while you pound ’em. Anna was quite flexible too. You see that leg up over my shoulder? I got to get every inch of my cock inside her meat flaps as she arched her back and moaned louder than any other girl I’ve been with.

kinky_exploits_christian_anna_anarchy 109

If you’ve never fucked a BBW — do it! There’s nothing better than getting your cock milked by a chubby. I’d let Anna Anarchy ride my dick all day if I could last that long!

kinky_exploits_christian_anna_anarchy 117

I told her I was going to finish in her mouth, and I sure did! I wanted to feed her all the protein I could! I invited Anna out for drinks later in hopes I could get her back to my place to pound that pussy again. That’s how good it was! If I’m lucky, she’ll come back and I can blast my jizz all of those big, saggy tits!

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Veronica Avluv facialized in a blow bang

veronica_avluv_blow_bang 9

How was your New Years Eve? I hope you had just as much fun as I did! I got to do a blow bang with a bunch of hot, young studs who eventually covered my face in their man cream! Who wouldn’t want to spray their cum on the one and only Veronica Avluv’s face?

veronica_avluv_blow_bang 32
Do you think I’ll have any issues keeping these gentleman hard as a rock so they can all face fuck me? I sure hope not. These guys better be spurting out jizz like Old Faithful!

veronica_avluv_blow_bang 75
Look at that pussy…just look at it! It wants to be penetrated by a fat dick and pounded hard! Can you make that happen? I want you fucking me like you were running a marathon for the Olympics! There are no breaks here. Fuck up and get spanked. Got it?

veronica_avluv_blow_bang 141
Enough pussy footing around. I want cock and I want it now! FEED ME THE COCK! Looks like I’ve got some hung guys here too. Yummy!!! See who can choke me first. đŸ˜‰

veronica_avluv_blow_bang 146

I have to say that I was a bit intimidated by this monstrous, peppy fucking cock just in my peripheral vision. I think they may have modeled dildos off of cocks like his! This cock in my mouth isn’t bad, but a naughty girl needs a good deep fucking…to clean the pipes if you catch my drift.

veronica_avluv_blow_bang 158
Oh god…there’s so many cocks to choose from. How do I pick just one? I’m going to do my damnedest to please all of these guys. I can taste the cum now! Hope you’ve eaten your fruits.

veronica_avluv_blow_bang 195It’s almost here…the cum that is! These guys are all just about ready to explode and plaster my face. I had so much semen shot on my face that I looked like a fucking glazed doughnut. I’m really lucky none got into my eye this time. I hate having to wear sunglasses!

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