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Ava Devine takes Prince’s BBC up her tight ass

ava_devine_prince_yahshua_yellow_lingerie 4

This is no April fools joke, boys. I’m back with the one and only big black cocked Prince Yahshua and I’m ready to get my ass impaled! I hope you’re excited for this set as much as I was. I wore my fishnets for Prince just like he enjoys. As soon as I saw him waiting there with his cock out, I had to get to work.

ava_devine_prince_yahshua_yellow_lingerie 35

There’s one thing about Prince that I just absolutely love – it doesn’t take long for that meaty schlong to get rock hard and ready to pound each and everyone of my orifices.

ava_devine_prince_yahshua_yellow_lingerie 51

It wasn’t long before I was on top of him and riding him like a filthy little cowgirl. That cock fills up my pussy like no other and pounds my vaginal walls like no white boy could…well, most. Hehe.

ava_devine_prince_yahshua_yellow_lingerie 73

…and this is what you’ve all been waiting for, right? Prince laid me down on the chair, had me grab my leg and began penetrating my tight little booty hole with that big ass dick! I spread my pussy lips and played with my clit while he fucked my ass deep. I was going to cum buckets today!
ava_devine_prince_yahshua_yellow_lingerie 110

One last naughty picture of Prince shoving his meaty black cock deep in my rectum for you boys! If you enjoyed these previews, you’ll love seeing the full HD video of our hardcore anal fucking and you will really enjoy seeing where he finishes. I’ll give you a hint — it’s not in my ass!


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Sexy Vanessa fucks herself with a vibrator

sexy_vanessa_solo_bed_pink_toy 12

What’s happenin’ gentlemen? Are you excited for today’s preview set of yours truly? I bet you want my tight ass sitting right on your face. Hehe! It’s been a while since I’ve show you all any new updates from my site, but I think you will really enjoy what I have in store for you today. Thigh high stockings, heels, and sexy toys…What’s not to like? Lets begin!

sexy_vanessa_solo_bed_pink_toy 165

You thought I was going to tease you and show you some skimpy, strip tease photos, didn’t you? No way, Jose. Today, we’re getting right into the action and I’m shoving my new pink toy as deep as I can inside my freshly trimmed and shaved fuck hole. I was already nice and wet, so why wait? I cranked this vibrator up and kept fucking myself till I covered it in my goo.

sexy_vanessa_solo_bed_pink_toy 108

I wish I had a nice cabana boy here to tongue fuck my snatch and lick my little clit! It would have made this so much better — specially knowing I would get a nice, fat cock afterwards. Oh, the feeling of being pounded and having your balls smack against my asshole is just orgasmic!

sexy_vanessa_solo_bed_pink_toy 40

…Or do you want me to bend over, spread my cheeks and let you pound me like a dog? Doggystyle is one of the best positions ever as you can literally get every inch of that cock deep inside me! If you’re lucky, I just might let you in the “back door.” -wink wink-

sexy_vanessa_solo_bed_pink_toy 15

I just saved this picture for last because it was my favorite. My ass looks phenomenal, doesn’t it? Can you tell I’ve been doing my squats? Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed this preview of one my latest scenes. Be sure to check my site out and see more!

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Phat ass Jaye Rose takes on Prince’s black cock

prince_yahshua_jaye_rose 2

Who doesn’t love a nice phat, white ass? That’s right, no one! This is Jaye Rose and she’s here today to surrender that booty to my hungry black cock. As soon as I walked in and saw Jaye in her sexy ass black fishnet outfit, my cock was raging. I couldn’t wait to feel the walls of her cunt wrapped around my cum slinger!

prince_yahshua_jaye_rose 39

Jaye Rose was just as horny as I was at this point. She let those big ass titties loose from her fishnet body suit and bent right on over. The view of that ass was absolutely phenomenal!

prince_yahshua_jaye_rose 47

You know you’ve gotta get that pussy wet before plunging your cock inside, so I flipped Jaye over, spread her legs and began tongue fucking her baby maker until she was literally soaked. Her pussy juices were as sweet and refreshing as a ripe pink peach on a mid-summers day.

prince_yahshua_jaye_rose 55

The time has come and she was begging to have my BBC inside her. Jaye was a kinky little bitch too. She wanted me to choke her while I pounded the fuck out of her. Not a problem. I knocked the bottom out of that pussy!

prince_yahshua_jaye_rose 116

Of course she wanted to go for a ride, as most women do. I let her climb on top to see just how well she could move that ass. I bet if she didn’t have her ass all tied up in this fishnet shit, she could make that ass clap. She actually proved me wrong and rode the hell out of me until I nearly spurted my man goo right inside her pussy.

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Erica Lauren needs a valentine

erica_lauren_valentines_day 15

I must say that I was a little bit lonely on Valentines day, but I made the best of it with what I had. And what I had was my amazingly little friend who buzzes his way to my…heart. Yeah, my heart! LOL.  Anyway, how do you like my outfit? Pretty darn sexy, isn’t it? I bet it would look better on your floor though. You can come help me take it off if you’d like, but you cant use your hands. Sound fun?

erica_lauren_valentines_day 43

Is this how you want me? Just lift my leg up and penetrate my freshly trimmed up muff with that thick cock of yours. Come on, don’t be shy! I won’t bite…of course unless you ask me to 😉 Speaking of biting, I don’t mind some nibbling on my hard nipples. Mmmm!

erica_lauren_valentines_day 54

I can just feel the dampness in my panties already. The thought of having my pussy ravaged by a hard, throbbing cock makes me instantly wet. Almost like someone turned on a faucet full blast.

erica_lauren_valentines_day 59

And there he is…my little vibrating friend! Already ready to go and please me. I love it!

erica_lauren_valentines_day 77

He’s big and black too. Just how I like ’em! Just kidding. I like cocks of all shapes and sizes as long as they’re not two inches. Cant do much with a two inch dick but tickle my pussy lips. I am fucking ridiculously horny right now. This vibrator feels good, but a hard cock would be a hell of a lot better.

erica_lauren_valentines_day 124

How can I resist tasting my own pussy juices? I covered this g-spot tickler with my cum and I plan on sucking every last drop of it off. I have some sweet juices if I do say so myself! Want a taste? Then come over here and dive deep into my snatch and give me the tongue lashing I deserve!

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Happy Valentines Day from Yuri Luv

yuri_luv_2014_valentines 17

I’m a little late with my valentines update, but better late than never, right? I’ve got on one of my most favorite outfits today and I’m going to do more than get your juices flowing. I hope you’re ready to grab a hold of your dick and blast that love juice all over!

yuri_luv_2014_valentines 51

I’m not going to waste any time and tease you too much. I’m fucking horny and I want to get to playing with my clit already! I ripped my bra off and slide my panties down my fat ass so that I was fully nude and ready for some hardcore masturbating all while wishing you were here to fuck me instead of playing with my new toy.

yuri_luv_2014_valentines 67

Inviting isn’t it? Have I ever told you that this is my favorite position? I love it doggystyle. There’s just something about you taking control, grabbing my hips and thrusting that big cock of yours as deep inside of my fuck hole as you possibly can. I don’t mind having my hair pulled and ass slapped sometimes too. Nothing wrong with a little pain for pleasure. If you’re a really good boy, I may even let you take a dive into my chocolate starfish…my asshole!

yuri_luv_2014_valentines 82

As I said, I’m not going to lollygag around. I grabbed my pocket rocket, cranked it up and pressed it right against my clit. My legs quickly began to quiver as I felt my pussy juices beginning to flow out of my pussy and onto the bed sheets. It wouldn’t take me long to orgasm, that’s for sure.

yuri_luv_2014_valentines 108

Take a look deep inside my pussy lips. Can you see just how wet I am? This pussy would grasp your cock better than your first fuck. I guarantee it! Not to mention, I’ve got moves like Jagger that would leave you breathless and speechless after exploding your man goo deep inside my lady cave.

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Faustine Lee toying her tight pussy

psp_faustine_lee_solo_venetian_bed 7

I’m baccckkkkk! I hope you all enjoyed my previous scene when I got my little pussy pounded. Make sure you leave me some comments and tell me just how much you liked it. If I get a lot of good feedback, I’ll be sure to keep posting more for you! 😉 Tonight we’ve got yours truly wearing a new lingerie set I picked up along with one of my new toys. I hope you’ve got your cock in hand and are ready to cover your keyboard with that warm, gooey jizzism!

psp_faustine_lee_solo_venetian_bed 11

Don’t you just want to spank me? I love the way my ass looks in this outfit and those heels just help it out even more! This is where you need to bend me over and take control. Make me your bitch and fuck me hard.

psp_faustine_lee_solo_venetian_bed 22

Oh, you want to see my tits eh? Here’s a little peek for you.

psp_faustine_lee_solo_venetian_bed 37

Now, come over here and help me pull these panties down. Once they’re off you can proceed to bury your face deep in between my ass cheeks and lap up my pussy juices as they come flowing out of my snatch like Niagra Falls.

psp_faustine_lee_solo_venetian_bed 66

Mmmm here’s my new toy. It’s long, purple and vibrates like stronger than a Harley between your thighs. I just had to buy this toy after testing it at the store. I bet it’s going to make me cum harder than your cock could. 😉 Ok, maybe not, but we’ll give it a shot!

psp_faustine_lee_solo_venetian_bed 78

Oh yeah, I love seeing how far I can shove my toys in my tight, little pussy. I can feel it vibrating inside my stomach — it’s that powerful! After a couple minutes of toying, I was ready to erupt and my clit was so fucking swollen again. You should put that tongue to use and get to licking since it wont lick itself! I want to cum on your face just as you want to cum on mine, baby!

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Sexy Vanessa kitchen masturbation

sexy_vanessa_kitchen_masturbation 13

They say tequila makes her clothes fall off, but so does wine…for me at least! I was doing a little straightening up and winding down, finishing my last glass of wine but I guess I was feeling more-so frisky than tired at this point. So, what else is there to do but play with yourself to help you sleep?

sexy_vanessa_kitchen_masturbation 47Oh, look at that. I lost my robe and found myself a big, ripe cucumber that would feel great inside my pussy! This cucumber was the size of a BBC and would probably have me walking funny for days. I surely wouldn’t mind as I’d leave it covered in my creamy pussy juices.

sexy_vanessa_kitchen_masturbation 62

Alright, lets get these panties off and get ready to have some fun, shall we? I hope you like the view of my bubble butt too!

sexy_vanessa_kitchen_masturbation 133

This is what you wanted to see, isn’t it? Seeing me stuff my hole with a big ass cucumber. Mmmhmmmm!

sexy_vanessa_kitchen_masturbation 143

Or do you want it between my tits? I bet your dick would look real good in place of this cucumber.

sexy_vanessa_kitchen_masturbation 146

Here we go! Lets see if I can fit this huge cucumber inside my lady cave. I’m ready to cum and I’m sure it wont take long for me to get off as I’m dripping wet. Hell, I don’t even need any lube! I’ll just slip this in and stretch my pussy wide open.

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Faustine Lee fucks her one and only customer

psp_faustine_lee_ralph_long14It was an extremely slow day today at the diner and I only had ONE damn customer which completely sucks because I my rent is due! Well…lucky for me, I had someone come in and save the day. As I was bringing him his order, I caught him grabbing his cock through his pants while staring at me. I guess he likes my outfit!


You could see the bulge through his pants, and it looked pretty big. I just had to see for myself! I’ve got to work for those tips, right? Once I touched his cock through his jeans, I could tell it was a monster and couldn’t wait to play with it. -wink wink-

psp_faustine_lee_ralph_long32I think I was just as shocked as he was as I grasped his cock in my hand and slowly began to jerk him off. He must have been thinking about me and my big tits as I was putting his order in and started touching himself to get this beast hard.


I could barely fit his cock in my mouth, but I gave it all I had and got about halfway down his shaft before I began to gag!


I fucking love a man who takes control of the situation, and he did just that. He picked me up and put me onto the table, lifted my legs up, moved my panties to the side and began licking my pussy like a dehydrated dog in the middle of summer! I wasn’t expecting to have my pussy licked at work, but I’m sure glad I shaved before hand!


It wasn’t long before he penetrated my wet pussy. As you can see, my clit was insanely swollen already from him just licking away! I cant even begin to explain just how good it felt as he fucked me harder and harder.


As I mentioned before, I love a man who takes control, but once in a blue moon I like to be the one in control. I sat him down in the chair, climbed on top and began riding that meaty cock of his while shoving my big tits in his face! I hope he can breath 😉 He went on to bend me over and pound me from behind before he finished on my face to the grand finale, but you’re going to have to join PornstarPlatinum.com to see that part…which I hope you do!

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Sexy Vanessa in leather and latex lingerie

sexy_vanessa_latex_leather 2

Hey there! How do you all like my new lingerie? I absolutely love leather and latex against my skin. How about you come over here and whip it out so I can wrap my latex gloves around your big cock and jerk you off until you spew that load everywhere?

sexy_vanessa_latex_leather 17

I want you to take advantage of me and treat me like your sex slave. Push me against the wall, and shove your cock deep in my lady cave. While you’re at it, spank me like I’ve been a very, very naughty girl!

sexy_vanessa_latex_leather 218

You like my big tits? I bet my perky milf tits would make any cock rock hard, regardless of your erectile dysfunctions. I love when my tits get played with, specially when you nibble on my rock hard nipples as I ride you!

sexy_vanessa_latex_leather 243

Just the thought of sex makes my pussy wet. I don’t know what it is, but I love it. This MILF doesn’t need lube to keep her pussy moist! I think it’s about time we have some real fun. What do you say?

sexy_vanessa_latex_leather 272

Just imagine this was your cock as I grab a hold of it with both hands and tease you by slowly running my tongue around the tip. When I look at you deep in your eyes, I can guarantee you’ll be seconds away from erupting like Old Faithful.

sexy_vanessa_latex_leather 288

I fucking love big cocks, and this contraption we have here is plenty big enough to stretch my pussy wide open. Do you like watching me squat down and fuck this pedestal? This isn’t over yet, but if you want to see me pounding my pussy until I cream and talking dirty, you’re going to have to get yourself a password to my site. 😉

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Angelina Valentine stripping and masturbating

angelina_valentine_home_solo_black_lingerie 14

They say if you want something done right, you need to do it yourself. They are fucking right! I had a date last night and it was horrible. I decided to go back to the guys house and see if it was all talk or he could walk-the-walk. Yeah, let’s just say that idiot wasn’t hobbling anywhere, much less walking. He talked a good game but when it came down for him to please me, he sucked…and not in a good way!

angelina_valentine_home_solo_black_lingerie 23

I woke up still horny as hell and a little irritated. I’ve realized that some guys just cant keep up with me. Do you think you can? I bet you cant! I’d rock your world time and time again. Have you ever been with a woman with a body like this?

angelina_valentine_home_solo_black_lingerie 49

I keep my body tight, and that includes my ass. How does it look from here, delicious? I bet you’d fucking lick my asshole, you dirty boy!

angelina_valentine_home_solo_black_lingerie 59

How about now…does that look more inviting? All I want is to be pounded and treated like a queen in the sack. Is that too much to ask for? I don’t care if you’re hung like a horse or a field mouse. As long as you get the job done, I’m a happy girl!

angelina_valentine_home_solo_black_lingerie 82

I’m so fucking horny, I just had to go play with myself. I went inside and laid my ass down on the couch so I could fuck myself…RIGHT!

angelina_valentine_home_solo_black_lingerie 129

This is the face I make when I’m getting my pussy stuffed and worked over real good. I surely don’t lay there like a fucking log boys. To the guy who I went on a date with…you better work on your skills there buddy. When I asked if you could make me cum like a geyser, I meant it!


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