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Angelina Valentine fuck toys

angelina_valentine_black_wig 11

Don’t I look pretty…just like your own real doll? I want you to use me and abuse me, baby. Treat me like your personal whore. Throw me down, rip my slutty outfit off and fuck me hard! After you pound my little fuck hole, just shove that big dick of yours directly up my chocolate starfish and blast your cum deep inside me! Oh, well fuck me. I got a little carried away there with my own fantasies. Opps!

angelina_valentine_black_wig 103

That tends to happen sometimes…I hope you don’t mind. But look at the bright side – you get to watch me get my pussy impaled by a fucking machine while your jerk that shrimp of what you call a dick.

angelina_valentine_black_wig 53

I told you I wanted it up my ass. Since you’re not here to help, I shoved one of my butt plugs directly up my booty hole. Nothing gets my pussy wetter than being fucked in my ass!

angelina_valentine_black_wig 25

You want to cum where? Inside my pussy? I don’t think so hunny. I want you to cum deep in my ass, and watch me squeeze it out and onto the floor. Then, I want you to lick it up. Every last drop of it! Are you willing to do that for me or am I going to have to squat my twat on your face and make you lick my clit until I squirt?

angelina_valentine_black_wig 18

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Sexy Vanessa fucks herself with a vibrator

sexy_vanessa_solo_bed_pink_toy 12

What’s happenin’ gentlemen? Are you excited for today’s preview set of yours truly? I bet you want my tight ass sitting right on your face. Hehe! It’s been a while since I’ve show you all any new updates from my site, but I think you will really enjoy what I have in store for you today. Thigh high stockings, heels, and sexy toys…What’s not to like? Lets begin!

sexy_vanessa_solo_bed_pink_toy 165

You thought I was going to tease you and show you some skimpy, strip tease photos, didn’t you? No way, Jose. Today, we’re getting right into the action and I’m shoving my new pink toy as deep as I can inside my freshly trimmed and shaved fuck hole. I was already nice and wet, so why wait? I cranked this vibrator up and kept fucking myself till I covered it in my goo.

sexy_vanessa_solo_bed_pink_toy 108

I wish I had a nice cabana boy here to tongue fuck my snatch and lick my little clit! It would have made this so much better — specially knowing I would get a nice, fat cock afterwards. Oh, the feeling of being pounded and having your balls smack against my asshole is just orgasmic!

sexy_vanessa_solo_bed_pink_toy 40

…Or do you want me to bend over, spread my cheeks and let you pound me like a dog? Doggystyle is one of the best positions ever as you can literally get every inch of that cock deep inside me! If you’re lucky, I just might let you in the “back door.” -wink wink-

sexy_vanessa_solo_bed_pink_toy 15

I just saved this picture for last because it was my favorite. My ass looks phenomenal, doesn’t it? Can you tell I’ve been doing my squats? Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed this preview of one my latest scenes. Be sure to check my site out and see more!

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Erica Lauren needs a valentine

erica_lauren_valentines_day 15

I must say that I was a little bit lonely on Valentines day, but I made the best of it with what I had. And what I had was my amazingly little friend who buzzes his way to my…heart. Yeah, my heart! LOL.  Anyway, how do you like my outfit? Pretty darn sexy, isn’t it? I bet it would look better on your floor though. You can come help me take it off if you’d like, but you cant use your hands. Sound fun?

erica_lauren_valentines_day 43

Is this how you want me? Just lift my leg up and penetrate my freshly trimmed up muff with that thick cock of yours. Come on, don’t be shy! I won’t bite…of course unless you ask me to 😉 Speaking of biting, I don’t mind some nibbling on my hard nipples. Mmmm!

erica_lauren_valentines_day 54

I can just feel the dampness in my panties already. The thought of having my pussy ravaged by a hard, throbbing cock makes me instantly wet. Almost like someone turned on a faucet full blast.

erica_lauren_valentines_day 59

And there he is…my little vibrating friend! Already ready to go and please me. I love it!

erica_lauren_valentines_day 77

He’s big and black too. Just how I like ’em! Just kidding. I like cocks of all shapes and sizes as long as they’re not two inches. Cant do much with a two inch dick but tickle my pussy lips. I am fucking ridiculously horny right now. This vibrator feels good, but a hard cock would be a hell of a lot better.

erica_lauren_valentines_day 124

How can I resist tasting my own pussy juices? I covered this g-spot tickler with my cum and I plan on sucking every last drop of it off. I have some sweet juices if I do say so myself! Want a taste? Then come over here and dive deep into my snatch and give me the tongue lashing I deserve!

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Faustine Lee toying her tight pussy

psp_faustine_lee_solo_venetian_bed 7

I’m baccckkkkk! I hope you all enjoyed my previous scene when I got my little pussy pounded. Make sure you leave me some comments and tell me just how much you liked it. If I get a lot of good feedback, I’ll be sure to keep posting more for you! 😉 Tonight we’ve got yours truly wearing a new lingerie set I picked up along with one of my new toys. I hope you’ve got your cock in hand and are ready to cover your keyboard with that warm, gooey jizzism!

psp_faustine_lee_solo_venetian_bed 11

Don’t you just want to spank me? I love the way my ass looks in this outfit and those heels just help it out even more! This is where you need to bend me over and take control. Make me your bitch and fuck me hard.

psp_faustine_lee_solo_venetian_bed 22

Oh, you want to see my tits eh? Here’s a little peek for you.

psp_faustine_lee_solo_venetian_bed 37

Now, come over here and help me pull these panties down. Once they’re off you can proceed to bury your face deep in between my ass cheeks and lap up my pussy juices as they come flowing out of my snatch like Niagra Falls.

psp_faustine_lee_solo_venetian_bed 66

Mmmm here’s my new toy. It’s long, purple and vibrates like stronger than a Harley between your thighs. I just had to buy this toy after testing it at the store. I bet it’s going to make me cum harder than your cock could. 😉 Ok, maybe not, but we’ll give it a shot!

psp_faustine_lee_solo_venetian_bed 78

Oh yeah, I love seeing how far I can shove my toys in my tight, little pussy. I can feel it vibrating inside my stomach — it’s that powerful! After a couple minutes of toying, I was ready to erupt and my clit was so fucking swollen again. You should put that tongue to use and get to licking since it wont lick itself! I want to cum on your face just as you want to cum on mine, baby!

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